Sidney Powell Announces HUGE Situation Happening NOW

Sidney Powell Announces HUGE Situation Happening NOW

According to Attorney Sidney Powell, the election is not over yet. Powell has announced that she made emergency filings in the Supreme Court for Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona. She is also planning on filing in Wisconsin.

After the decision by the Supreme Court, who refused to even hear Texas’ lawsuit about election fraud, many on the right were concerned that the fight was over.


Despite the fact that Texas was backed by several other red states, the Trump legal team, and over one hundred Republican lawmakers, the Supreme Court made the cowardly decision to stay out of the fight. Just before this decision, all of Sidney Powell’s lawsuits were thrown out by judges in battleground states.

All of these dominos falling in a row left conservatives frustrated and concerned, and rightfully so.

It would be one thing to have these cases litigated and proven false, but it is completely unacceptable that the court will not even hear them. But Sidney Powell is not done with her fight, and is refusing to back down even in the face of rejection.


Powell’s lawsuits center around Dominion Voting Systems and other election software and hardware companies, which she alleges have committed election fraud and led to many of the irregularities that have been brought up since Election Day. Evidence is still being gathered in these cases, as it takes time and investigation to prove fraud.

Powell is also alleging that Big Tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google interfered in the 2020 election, and are suppressing the freedom of speech of conservatives, as well as suppressing news stories that are unfavorable to Democrats such as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Sidney Powell posted about this election interference on her Twitter account, and included sworn testimony:

More information about Sidney Powell’s actions is available on the website.

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