Senate Holds ‘Dangerous’ Hearing

On Wednesday, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Chair of the Homeland Security Committee held what could be his last hearing as Chair pending the results of the Georgia runoff. On the agenda: ‘Serious And Legitimate Concerns’ of Voter Fraud.

This was a landmark hearing showing that Johnson and some Senate Republicans (in spite of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s calls not to) understand that Election 2020 MUST be investigated fully. Senate Majority Leader McConnell seems to believe that  giving Americans “relief” with their own money (rather than just not taking it to begin with) is more important than fighting for the integrity of the Republic during it’s most vulnerable hour. Senator Johnson subsequently blocked additional stimulus checks due to unaddressed concerns over the national debt.

The Hearing No-one in DC Seems to Want

According to CSPAN, the nearly four-hour hearing, which was largely ignored by the media was held by The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and featured, “Witnesses included former Solicitor General Ken Starr, U.S. Election Assistance Commissioner Donald Palmer (R), several Trump campaign attorneys, and Christopher Krebs, the former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). ”

CISA Director Krebs Didn’t want to talk

Mr. Krebs seemed to rebuke the investigation saying,

“I think that continued assaults on democracy and the outcome of this election that only serves to undermine confidence in the process is ultimately, as you both have said, ultimately corrosive to the institutions that support elections.”

Afterword, Senator Johnson spoke to OANN,

“It was an absolutely necessary hearing. Folks from the other side were calling it dangerous. What’s dangerous is if we don’t acknowledge this problem that’s existed now for years.” Johnson said.

Senator Johnson outlined the crisis of our time, and it’s larger than concerns of a fraudulent election, that’s just a part of it. The most dangerous issue we face is a total lack of confidence in our government and in our system. To half of the country, no opposition President is EVER going to be legitimate. Sen. Johnson laid it out,

“Think back to the 2016 election where such a large percentage of the American population didn’t view President Trump as the legitimate President, so they didn’t view that election as legitimate. Now fast forward, the other side wins, now we’ve got  a large percentage of the American population don’t view this as legitimate. There are serious concerns about what happened, we have to talk about those. We can’t just bury them and “lets just move on”. “

A “Dangerous” Hearing?

Johnson seems to understand the danger of Americans’ growing frustration and anger at being unheard and unrepresented in this fight as cases are thrown out on technicalities, our legislatures refuse to come to session and our Governors certify results that half of us seriously doubt.

 “We’ve gone through the process. We heard testimony that some of the court cases were decided on standing, ignored, didn’t’ allow certain information. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking a look at serious and legitimate concerns of fraud, lack of transparency, inability to observe, to be a part of the complete election process. These are serious issues that we have to address and hopefully fix for the next election, so that the citizens have confidence and we can reduce the number of people who don’t view elections as legitimate. This is an unsustainable state of affairs for our country.”

Johnson wrapped up the interview with a stern message acknowledging that depending on Georgia’s special election this could be his last hearing as chairman. “So you have to have these hearings you have to discuss these. You can’t dismiss them. You can’t deny this reality. I always say the first step to solving any problem is admitting  you have one. We have a serious problem in this nation and we have to fix it.”

As courts refuse to hear the people, lawmakers refuse to act on our concerns. As Governors and Secretaries move against our will, they advance a process we believe is hopelessly compromised. At each point along the way we run out of faith, and confidence and gain anger and resentment. Senator Johnson knows this is truly the most “dangerous” situation for everyone, the truth is not dangerous, hearing the concerns of the people isn’t dangerous, ignoring the people is dangerous.

  1. Sure the democrats don’t want to talk about it! You can bet the 2020 election will go down as the biggest fraud in history! You can’t tell me that a man who has been in office 47 years and does virtually nothing, can get 84 million votes. NOT POSSIBLE!

  2. Millions of Patriots must answer the call of our President and March on Washington and not leave until he has been reelected to a second term. We must be prepared to wash away the vermin who nest in the District of Corruption for good and reestablish the Republic of our forefathers.

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