Democrats REFUSING to Listen, Walk Out During Election Hearings

The Democrats thought they would get away with the biggest election fraud arguably in US history. However, as mounting evidence keeps coming, Democrats in Wisconsin are shaking in their boots and walked out during election hearings. 

Democrats Refuse to Go to Hearing

Democratic members of the Wisconsin Assembly’s Committee on Campaign and Elections dramatically said “we have heard enough,” and refuse to participate in any more hearings.

Yes, they have heard enough of the evidence showing mass voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election and they don’t want to have any more of their corruption exposed.

Election Fraud Happened and is Being Proved

The latest hearing is on this Friday, December 11, and the Democrats said they will no longer attend the hearing investigations of substantial allegations of illegal activity during November’s election.

“After a morning of wild conspiracy theories that went unchallenged and uncorrected, it is clear that today’s joint hearing is exactly the kind of disgraceful display that we all feared it would be,” the five Democrats declared in a joint statement.

The “classy” group called it a “sham hearing” and that lawmakers should make a bigger deal about COVID-19 than election fraud anyway.

“This hearing does nothing but undermine our elections and election officials. Witnesses attacked our clerks and poll workers while Republicans gave them no serious opportunity to respond,” they continued.

Hypocrisy at its Finest

The five Democrats who signed onto the letter were:

  • State Senator Mark Miller (D – Monona)
  • State Representative Lisa Subeck (D – Madison)
  • State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D – Milwaukee)
  • State Senator Jeff Smith (D – Eau Claire)
  • State Representative Mark Spreitzer (D – Beloit)

The hearing was announced last Friday by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos telling the Committee on Campaigns and Elections that there have been thousands of complaints pouring in about the November election.

When the Democrats were going forward with the Russia collusion hoax and trying to impeach the president over a fake quid pro quo, they were all ears. But when it comes to things that have actual evidence supporting them, they want nothing to do with it.

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