Senior Advisor Drops Bombshell Announcement About President Trump

As President Donald Trump continues to recover from COVID-19, Trump campaign senior advisor Steve Cortes made a promising announcement on Monday.

While on “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business Network advisor Cortex said that the president will be released from the hospital later today and he will be back to “full throttle campaigning very, very soon.”

In a shocking turn of events, President Trump was taken to Walter Reed Military Medical Center after experiencing mild symptoms from the coronavirus.

“We’re hopeful he’ll be released from the hospital today,” Cortes said. “We’re extremely confident that this man who is an incredible fighter, he’s been governing throughout this whole process but we’re confident he will be back in full throttle campaigning very, very soon.”

The show’s host Maria Bartiromo asked if it was too quick for the president to leave the hospital.

“Is it too soon to have him out of the hospital?” she questioned. “He just went in on Friday.”

“Well, listen, Maria, I’ll leave that up to the medical authorities. I’m certainly not one. I’m confident that he has the best medical care in the world,” the advisor responded.

“This team of medical military doctors are taking great care of our Commander in Chief. So, I defer to them if they tell us that he’s safe to go,” Cortes replied. “To my amateur eyes, he certainly looks fantastic. He looks ready to go back. But again, I’ll defer to the scientists. I find it fascinating, too, by the way, that a lot of the critics of the president who constantly claim that he’s not, quote, following the science. All they do now is doubt the scientists.”

Cortes also brought up Dr. Conley and explained his relevance and experience.

“In the case of Dr. Conley, by the way, not just a scientist but a military one, someone who was a commander of a trauma unit in Afghanistan. So, this is not just a man of science and technology, but he’s also a man of incredible patriotism. And I think it’s reprehensible that his character’s being impugned.”


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