McCabe Just Flipped

Disgraced FBI Deputy Director turned CNN contributor Andrew McCabe has totally flipped his lid if he thinks that he can get away with his latest outrage. Senator Lindsey Graham and the Senate Judiciary Committee had to cancel his scheduled grilling about the latest nuclear fallout in the Obamagate conspiracy they had set for Tuesday. He came up with a weak excuse which seems calculated to run out the clock, hoping the Democrats manage to seize control of the Senate and save his bacon.

McCabe too terrified to testify

Deep State rat Andrew McCabe is totally terrified to face the Senate Judiciary Committee. He pretends to be afraid of Covid but that won’t wash because insurance policy Andy won’t even testify remotely. According to a note to the committee from his lawyer, asking Andy to be excused from Tuesday’s hearing, The former Deputy Director of the FBI is “willing, able, and eager to testify in person” about the FBI’s Russia investigation “when it is safe to do so.” He means after the Democrats take control of the Senate but officially he blames it on Covid. Three committee members recently tested positive.

McCabe allegedly “is not willing to put his family’s health at risk.” If it really was the covid risk he feared, he would have no problem testifying by remote hookup like James Comey and Sally Yates did. Instead, his family appears to be afraid for their safety after what he might testify to. Or not. His lawyer argues that “fairness” dictates that he not testify at all.

A senate hearing doesn’t promote the kind of courtroom drama that comes with legal cases. There’s no interaction between a witness and committee members other than questions and their answers. McCabe’s lawyer wants to pretend that he’s Perry Mason defending his client in front of a jury. “A fair and appropriate hearing of this kind, which is complex and contentious, simply cannot be conducted other than in person.”

Counsel’s argument doesn’t hold up

The real reason that Andrew McCabe does not want to take an oath in front of the Senate is because simply saying over and over again that his counsel advises that he exercise his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination will lead to a set of shiny new bracelets, followed by an extended stay at the gray-bar hotel. At the very least, it will generate social media backlash and probably death threats. Not to mention the impact on the election.

If McCabe were really concerned about Covid, testifying remotely would solve that problem while also giving him an advantage he would not have in a live hearing. His counsel would be able to pass him notes off screen. That would be incredibly helpful if he intended to actually answer any of the Senator’s questions. Andy knows what happens when you get caught lying to Congress so he probably won’t say anything other than I don’t remember or I refuse to answer because it would tend to incriminate me in something criminal yet to be determined.

Andrew McCabe certainly hasn’t been shy about presenting his case to be tried by the court of public opinion in the press. He became a CNN contributor and has been going on the idiot box to deny Republican allegations and attack the congressional hearings. He even gets away with spinning his own conduct to make himself look innocent. He just won’t say a single word under oath. His one and only chance to stay out of jail, some say, especially now that we know the CIA busted Hillary Clinton and the FBI covered it up, is for the Democrats to miraculously regain control of the Senate and end the Obamagate investigation.

  1. I don’t really believe McCabe needs any help to run our the clock. To me it looks like Barr and Durham seem determined to delay any investigation result until after the 2020 election. Trump should win handily, but the combination of bias in every aspect of the media, voter fraud and outrageous funding of the Biden campaign puts a Trump win in the miraculous category-and, if Biden wins this all goes away and Trump will have to learn to live with being referred to as a traitor to his country. I think generally Barr is an honorable man, but he is owned by the precedent that make investigation results taboo if it might affect an upcoming election. Following that precedent will all but guarantee a Biden win.

  2. McCabe belongs in Guantanamo for his contribution to the corruption of the FBI & his Felony Perjury in preparation of the phony warrants to snoop on Pres elect Donald Trump.
    McCabe is a gasbag and if Wray gets away with protecting him it will be another sad day for the FBI, already disgraced and respected by no American citizen.
    If asked by an FBI agent what time the sunrise was this morning 99% of citizens will decline to answer in fear of getting arrested by 20 armed FBI agents at 4 A.M. in the morning for lying to the FBI should there be a one minute mistake in the time reported.

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