Nancy’s Pork Falls Out of the Bag – Big Checks Go To Donor Projects

Whoopsie. The thing about crooked pork belly spending is that politicians aren’t supposed to allow the public and especially their political foes to know about it. It would seem that in spite of her decades… and DECADES of trudging through the political swamp amidst the other creatures, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi somehow forgot that she isn’t supposed to display her… largesse… her graft. Reports have shown that Pelosi’s San Francisco district is about to receive $200 million in taxpayer funds for a national park that has several of her biggest donor names on the board.

Congresswoman Pelosi attends the groundbreaking ceremony for the Presidio Parkway in October 2009According to Fox News, the Presidio National Park has $200 million in sweetheart spending included in the $3.5 trillion far-leftist wish list they’re trying to pass off as an actual budget. The overseers of that park are the Presidio Trust, a group led by Pelosi’s biggest spenders who collectively have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to efforts spearheaded by the septuagenarian Speaker of the House.

Senator John Barrasso from Wyoming didn’t seem very impressed with Pelosi’s display of taxpayer-funded selective philanthropy either.


Fox wrote,

“The massive earmark has led Republican lawmakers in the House to raise the alarm. Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), who is ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, told Fox in an email that the speaker “is taking money from taxpayers to reward her rich friends in San Francisco.”

“The Democrats’ reckless spending spree will waste 200 million taxpayer dollars on a park exclusively in Pelosi’s wealthy home district,” Barrasso said. “By law, the park is supposed to be financially self-sufficient. Many of the individuals who run this park are major political donors to Pelosi and other Democrats.”

“Now Nancy Pelosi is insisting on dishing out hundreds of millions of dollars to her favorite park that’s run by her biggest donors,” he added. “This isn’t building back better. It’s Pelosi’s pork park.”

Donor Projects Get The Check, We Get The Wreck

Let’s just check out this laundry list of Donors who also ‘just happen to be’ on the leadership board of The Presidio Trust.

  • Lynne Benioff, who chairs The Presidio Trust, gave Pelosi almost $80,000 in cumulative campaign and PAC donations, according to FEC filings.
  • George Marcus gave an overall $723,000 to Pelosi’s campaign and her Victory Fund.
  • Another board member John Keker who was Pelosi’s single largest contributor in 2010 with $58,800.
  • And Craig Middleton who served as press secretary and legislative/appropriations aide to then Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was also WONDEROUSLY employee number 001 of The Presidio Trust. Imagine that!
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