Woman arrested for using children to steal signs from Trump supporters

Woman Caught Using Young Children to Target Trump Supporters

In another instance of the left using children as pawns in politics, a woman has been arrested for allegedly using children to target Trump supporters.

Deana Algarin, 45, of upstate New York, has been arrested for six counts of endangering the welfare of a child, petit larceny, marijuana possession, criminal possession of stolen property, and two citations for seatbelt violations involving children less than 15 years old.

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Algarin was arrested on Sunday for using six children to steal Trump campaign signs from people’s homes.


Her arrest came after an investigation into stolen Trump signs from multiple locations in both Montgomery County and Schenectady County.

Algarin was pulled over by a New York State police officer on Highway 103, after her vehicle was located by Montgomery County dispatchers. The Sheriff’s Office said that the campaign signs were found inside her vehicle.

Algarin will be required to appear in court in the towns of Amsterdam, Glenville, and Glen at later dates.


Twitter user and host of the Wayne Dupree Show asked, “Why do liberals love using and abusing children so much?”

The Blaze reported that the woman drove the six children around upstate New York, making the kids rip down signs from Trump supporters’ houses:

  1. What makes one hate so much that they put their kids life’s at risk over a sign ??? Was she payed to steal them ??? is it the color of the signs ??? Maybe the letters ??? How does one lost their minds like this over something so stupid as a sign ??? Guess you can’t fix stupid after all . Is this the new delusional democrat mind set ??? You really want someone like this running our country ??? I mean really … what do they think this will change ??? As a reformed delusional democrats and see how the so called leaders want us to act for them made me wonder … why are they so determined to destroy our country . What do they really hope to gain from this . Am I the only one to think about this corruption and the new way of the delusional democrats to gain power to control us . Are we to give up our freedom , our voice in our government , to live life with blinders on for their cause ??? We were once a great nation of people , but now there is no honor let cause of the delusional democrats and their cause for power . They have us killing each other in their name . Teaching to hate if one doesn’t agree with them . No freedom of thought in our country . It’s only going to get worse . Specialy if the delusional democrats win . The snowflakes think life will be better with the delusional democrats thinking for them . One thinks they are in for a big surprise if the left win . See if they too turn away from the delusional democrats and their corruption ways after they see the truth of their decision to vote for the delusional democrats . Time will tell , but I for one saw the light of day and the truth of their words and no longer vote for the delusional democrats . I mean really … of all the choicestupid to pick from they picked old joe … he can’t remember where he went to school or what he’s running for . Can’t read from notes . So now they try to scare people to vote for them by having the BLM killing kids and whites . Dont the white people helping them realize their the enemy too cause their white ??? I hope trump invokes the 14th amendment after he’s reelected . If he does lots of heads will roll .

  2. Uhhh, are the six children hers or kidnapped or just gathered up from somewhere. How about filling in the details. Just asking since there is such a huge sex trade of kids these days.

  3. So I would be OK if I stole a bunch of buying side right?? I don’t think so,,, See conservatives don’t act like total f*cking idiots in attack children make children do things like that along with attacking people just because they have a hat that says trump or something like that. These people are sick I’ve been saying it for years you have a mental illness if you are a Democrat liberal

  4. Sorry ever supposed to start with saying,,,
    So then it would be OK if I stole Biden,,, Damn spell check lol

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