Retaliation Happening NOW Against Staffer Who Uncovered Russia Collusion Hoax

The New World Order retaliation is in full swing and the whole thing is on public display. The Deep State is fighting back hard to deep-six the staffer who revealed the “Russia Collusion” witch-hunt was based on a totally fabricated hoax. The Washington Post donated a whole column of valuable propaganda space to David Ignatius for a rambling attack on Kashyap “Kash” Patel. Using his standard procedure, the NWO minion cites “anonymous sources” to roast Patel for daring to do the unthinkable and actually attempt to hold the intelligence community accountable for their crimes.

Clear retaliation

Everyone who’s been in the spy community for any amount of time knows that when you want to inject something into the network media, call David Ignatius. He’s the expert at low-key leaks. It’s no surprise that he was tapped to spread the rumor based on “classified” information which started the whole “Russia collusion” witch hunt.

He’s taking it personally that his leak has been “debunked.” He is also going on the political offensive against the senior government official who proves Ignatius was lying. It’s crystal clear that the only motivation that Iggy has is retaliation for being caught as part of the conspiracy.

Ignatius probably picked all his retaliation intel up from the “QAnon” guys over at the FBI. The thing that really ticks him off, The Federalist notes, is that Patel is “behaving as if the duly elected President Donald Trump, not unelected bureaucrats, was the real head of the executive branch of government” at the time. Some say he’s still the “real head of the executive branch” but that’s another story.

It’s noteworthy to point out that Ignatius has fingered Patel as the central figure behind “QAnon,” calling them “an umbrella term for a set of conspiracy theories.”

Patel became a threat to the New World Order while serving on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. His job, according to The Federalist, was “debunking the conspiracy theory that arose out of the criminal leak of classified information to Ignatius, a crime that was never really investigated and certainly never prosecuted.”

The retaliation against Patel now is because back then he was acting like, as the Daily Beast alleged, “Devin Nunes’ Torquemada,” who was a historically nasty inquisitor.

Facing an investigation

If anyone other than David Ignatius said that Patel was “facing” an investigation, folks would be concerned. This time there doesn’t seem to be much cause for alarm because it appears nothing but manufactured nonsense from anonymous sources used only for retaliation. Patel isn’t “under” investigation, just facing one. That’s like facing a million dollar lottery jackpot because you bought a ticket.

As The Federalist reports, “He claims this potential investigation would be something that arose out of a complaint from an ‘intelligence agency,’ but it’s impossible to know if that’s true.” How convenient. One former member of that same intelligence community debunks that one too. “Like everything that David Ignatius writes, it’s so false it seems intentionally false. It’s hard to tell if he’s a bad reporter or a bad person or both.”

Ignatius doesn’t seem to have many friends in the spy networks. Former intelligence officials say “Ignatius promotes unsubstantiated, left-wing rumors that more often than not turn out to be information that is wrong, partially wrong, or unverified bits of raw intelligence that lack context.”

The closest thing the United States ever had to a James Bond is Richard Grenell and he doesn’t like Iggy either. “He has ruined his reputation by being a purveyor of left-wing gossip.” Now he upped the ante to retaliation.

David Ignatius has been doing this for so long that he really couldn’t care less if anyone believes him or not. He knows the most important thing is to get the lies into print. The spin doctors and globally controlled media will do the rest. Before he got cornered by Patel into retaliation efforts, Iggy once admitted about the false Iraq War rumors he circulated, “Personally I don’t much care if the U.S. reports about weapons of mass destruction prove to be imaginary.”

He felt the same way about the Russia paying bounties for American soldiers in Afghanistan story. He’s even covering up for Hunter Biden. Ignatius claims, “a nameless ‘Eastern European expert in digital forensics’ who examined some Hunter Biden laptop documents ‘told me he found anomalies — such as American-style capitalization of the names of ministries — that suggest fakery.'”

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