Law and Order Finally Restored Thanks to Dedicated Police Officers

Thanks to the dedication of true blue police officers, law and order has been restored to the community of Albany, New York, at least temporarily. Despite hopes of local news outlets, things “remain calm on Arch Street Friday.” The press were hoping for another riot but they didn’t get one.

Law and Order takes charge

Things aren’t quite as liberal in the state capital of Albany, New York as they are in the city of the same name. For nearly a week, a rabble army of Black Lives Matter anarchists surrounded and laid siege to the South Albany Police Station.

If this were a precinct in New York City, the cops would have been burned alive inside the building by now. Upstate in Albany they still believe in law and order.

On Thursday, officers of the law made it crystal clear that the criminal trespassers had exactly 15 minutes to gather up their belongings and leave. The smarter ones did.

Defiant Antifa-affiliated radicals refused. It didn’t do them a whole lot of good. After the 15 minutes was up, “police moved in and started making arrests.”

“Hey, wait, you can’t do that,” the occupiers whined as they were physically dragged away. “Yes, we can, it’s the law” police replied as they did it.

“I had my hands up. When I was told to move, I was pushed by a shield and as my comrades were trying to de-escalate. I was dragged by my feet. People were stepping on my hair. I had a knee on my back,” complained Samira Sangare. Samira had 15 minutes to move same as everybody else.

Mayor supports her chief

Protester Joaquim Monger is furious that police would dare to actually enforce the law. “Six days we were peaceful, didn’t do nothing, cause a ruckus or anything. We have tents and everything we brought, not the state, not the government. We did. Why are they coming here, barricading us and taking away our stuff without us knowing?”

Because they were trespassing and annoying the local residents and workers who had legitimate rights to be there.

Chief Hawkins told Joaquim where he can stick it. “One thing this was not tonight. This was not an assault on first amendment rights.”

“In fact, what we did was carve out a place and allow a place for those who want to lawfully and peacefully exercise their rights to do so.” We either have law or we have anarchy.

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan tweeted about the incident, totally backing up her law enforcement officers. “I fully support Chief Hawkins’ decision to end the unlawful encampment – while providing a space for peaceful protests that keeps our residents, workforce, and protesters safe.”

The BLM forces milled half-heartedly around the sidewalks on Thursday but were gone by Friday. Albany police arrested eight on charges ranging from “disorderly conduct to obstruction of governmental administration.”

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