Rep Scalise Doesn’t Back Down Against Chris Wallace [Watch]

Steve Scalise is a fighter and he’s not about to let Chris Wallace get away with taking pot shots at the president. The liberal talking head actually believes that Joe Biden won the election. The Louisiana lawmaker says not so fast, warning Wallace, “let the legal process play out.” The “legal process” goes beyond the courts too, which Democrats are terrified to admit.

Scalise doesn’t ‘trust’ the results

The Republican congressman from Louisiana assures the American public that there will be closure on this election, eventually. “There’s ultimately going to be a conclusion to this,” Scalise insists. He notes that “millions of people wonder why” in “large” states like Florida, and Texas, “they had results by 10 o’clock that night, and then in other states it was days and weeks.”

Not only that, “during those days and weeks you saw massive vote swings.” Americans don’t like it one bit. “That just seeds a lot of distrust. That’s got to get resolved.”

Wallace tried to gloat over the way the Supreme Court rejected the Texas case, until Rep. Scalise pointed out they didn’t consider the “merits” of the case when they declared that Texas didn’t have standing.

Looking constipated, Wallace shifted his tactics to poke the conservative about today’s allegedly predetermined Electoral College vote. Not so fast. The congressman has faith in the system. “Let the legal process play out.”

If, Scalise informed Chris Wallace, you want the “Truth” with a capital “T” to come out, and “if you want to restore trust by millions of people who are still very frustrated and angry about what happened, that’s why you’ve got to have this whole system play out.”

The lawmaker is an expert at that. On June 14, 2017, he was shot up during practice for his congressional baseball team. Seriously wounded, he underwent several months of treatment before returning to Congress.

The courts aren’t the only ‘legal process’

While Rep. Scalise, along with the president and all of America, are anxiously awaiting the results of several pending legal challenges still proceeding through the courts, with more last minute court actions being filed every day, the courts aren’t the only “legal process” which the president can bring to bear on the issue.

All of our laws derive from the U.S. Constitution. That unique document was crafted to include remedies for the types of issues facing us today.

Our Founding Fathers were terrified of tyranny. They set up our three pronged system of government as a form of checks and balances to keep any one faction from getting too much power. Congress, the Administration, and the Courts each have a separate role to play, watching over the shoulders of the other two.

The founders also were well aware that over time, corruption and rot would inevitably set in. Not being able to see into the future to determine what sort of form the challenge would take, they created safeguards, to be used in an emergency. This is such an emergency and Rep. Scalise understands the implications.

During an emergency, there is no time to wait for Congress to enact laws or the Courts to decide what’s just. In an emergency, only swift and bold action will save the day. In cases of emergency, there can’t be any arguing over who has the power to do what.

Our Constitution spells out a bunch of remedies, including the militia and the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Article V gives provisions for the States to amend the Constitution without the approval of Congress. It gives nearly unlimited power to the president in times of crisis.

Rep. Scalise is well aware that with the Constitution itself now endangered by corruption in government, and the courts paralyzed into inaction, President Donald Trump can and likely will formally declare a state of emergency. As soon as he does, he can take what ever drastic steps he deems necessary to solve the emergency. Like rounding up Deep State coup plotters and sending them to Gitmo.

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