Election Fraud Battle Continues

The battle against alleged 2020 election fraud isn’t over yet. Republicans in the Arizona Senate signed off on a waiver which clears the way for the long awaited deep dive inspection of the machines used in Maricopa County, along with more than two million ballots to be recounted by hand as part of the intense audit. Democrats still snivel but there’s nothing they can do about it.

Election audit in Arizona

Democrats lost their fight to keep conservatives from taking a clear look at the Dominion voting machines used in Maricopa County, Arizona during the past election cycle but they continued to drag their feet instead of turning them over.

The liberals whined that the Senators might break one of the expensive machines or something and they would be the ones responsible for the damage. There’s a way to solve that problem and Republicans solved it.


It’s just been announced that Republicans in the Arizona Senate have agreed to a waiver. The document will “shield the county from lawsuits and expenses” if anything happens to the election machines while in Senate custody.

As soon as the ink hit the paper, the first batch of machines were packed up and delivered to the state Fairgrounds.


Arizona’s probe of the 2020 election has been frequently described as an “unprecedented” review. Now that the Senate agreed to cover any county legal or financial liability connected to the audit itself.

The county is particularly paranoid because the forensic analysis of the machines and ballots is being handled by Cyber Ninjas. Progressives complain that the company’s owner “has promoted false claims about the 2020 election.” Especially ones that “have targeted the owner of the county’s ballot-counting machines.”

Loaded on trucks

Now that they don’t have to worry about getting sued for machines damaged in transit the county no longer had an excuse for delay, so the “multimillion-dollar machines were loaded onto three trucks at the county’s election headquarters Wednesday morning.”

The high profile convoy carefully rolled the “three miles to Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the state Fairgrounds, with undercover sheriff’s deputies providing security along the route.”

On Thursday, “2.1 million county ballots” were handed over for a hand recount.


It’s not clear from available reporting if they will also be fed through the machines one more time to make sure the machine count matches the hand count but such an obvious test is likely considering how hotly contested the election results are.

No matter what gets discovered in the audit, the outcome of the presidential contest won’t change. It’s been carved in stone that Joe Biden “was the first Democratic presidential nominee to win Maricopa County in 72 years.”

There is more than one way to win an election, which is why there have also been more “than a dozen lawsuits and two independent audits paid for by the Maricopa County Elections Department” already. Just because none of them have revealed any “provable” wrongdoing doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

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