Republicans are DOMINATING in Special Elections

It’s a sign of things to come: on July 13th the Democrats suffered a severe setback when an angry, energized, and motivated Republican voter base rose up utterly dominating two Special Elections for a Georgia House of Representative seats. Toombs County Republican Party Chairman Leesa Hagan in District 156 and Devan Seabaugh of District 34 swept both special elections in a stunning rebuke for the Georgia Democratic Party.

The margin was absolutely devastating in District 34 where the GOP candidate won by 26 points with 63% of the vote to Democrats’ 37%. GOP candidate Devan Seabaugh as The Daily Wire put it “crushed Democratic Priscilla Smith in the election”. For comparison: in 2020 Bert Reeves won the seat by half that margin before resigning to work for Georgia Tech.

This special election is widely considered a dress rehearsal for the 2022 General Election.

Republicans Dominating With Democrats Pulling Out All The Stops

Stacy Abrams‘ Fair Fight voting group even became involved with the District 34 race, dumping cash into an online ad blitz bashing Seabaugh for supporting the Georgia GOP’s election integrity legislation, stating that he was going after anti-abortion legislation and expanding gun rights. But the expensive ad push was to no avail for the Democrats under Abrams who once again, gravely misunderstood the electorate.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported,

“While runoff elections historically have a lower turnout than the previous race, especially in a special election, both races had more voters turn out on Tuesday than they did four weeks ago. Nearly 2,000 more people voted in the Cobb-based House District 34 contest on Tuesday than last month. More than 1,000 additional voters cast ballots on Tuesday than last month in the House District 156 election in South Georgia,”

It would seem that all Abrams accomplished was attracting more conservatives to flock to the banners of Seabaugh and Hagan. The Daily Wire reported that Stacy Abrams group even posted Fair Fight posted observers at several polling sites. Heading into the final days of the runoff. But in the end, the voters of Georgia are awake, and 2022 is set to be a reckoning. The Republican grassroots aren’t going to let another election go the way 2020 did.

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