China’s Chilling Threat Turns to Action

If Uncle Sam doesn’t want China harassing his spy planes, then he should keep them away from where they don’t belong, Beijing warned on Wednesday. Diplomatic relations between the two nations remain frosty as we inch closer to war over Taiwan.

China not sorry

No, we’re not sorry that our fighter jet “dangerously” intercepted your spy plane, China defiantly proclaimed on May 31.

They were responding to U.S. complaints “about a Chinese fighter jet’s dangerous interception of an American Air Force reconnaissance aircraft in international airspace over the South China Sea.” End the spy flights and we won’t have that problem, they suggest.

Washington Post points out that “the incident adds to military, diplomatic and economic tensions between the countries over U.S. support for self-governing Taiwan, China’s refusal to engage in dialogue between their armed forces and Beijing’s flying of a suspected spy balloon over the U.S.

In other words, this is only the latest in a series of escalations as we butt heads with China.

On Wednesday, spokesperson Mao Ning took the podium for China’s foreign Ministry, telling reporters at the daily briefing “that China would keep taking measures it deems necessary to safeguard its sovereignty.” It’s all our fault, she insists.

The U.S. should immediately stop these dangerous provocations.” Teasing Taiwan with the wiles of democracy has pushed the world to the brink of World War III and our diplomatic staff can’t seem to understand the messages they have been sending on the subject.

Unnecessarily aggressive

Over at the Pentagon, they’re so woke they don’t know what to do except throw a hissy fit. They took time away from planning the next drag show to call what the Chinese pilot did an “unnecessarily aggressive maneuver.” You didn’t have to do that! They lisp.

This only adds “to complaints that China’s military has become significantly more aggressive over the past five years, intercepting U.S. aircraft and ships in the region.” Meanwhile, China is the one accusing us of being a bully. They say we want Taiwan’s microchip technology enough to brave Armageddon to get it.

The international community continues to dispute the claim but China “says it owns the South China Sea virtually in its entirety.” Their neighbors disagree. Particularly Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon issued a statement whining that “the pilot of the Chinese J-16 fighter jet flew directly in front of the nose of the RC-135 conducting routine operations.” China said stop those “routine” spy operations or expect to play chicken with their pilots much more frequently. Maybe even play chicken with a missile or two.

Another thing that has everyone on edge, Beijing won’t talk to anyone except John Kerry. They stopped returning Antony Blinken’s phone calls. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was hoping to meet with their defense chief “when the two men attend a security conference in Singapore over the weekend.

China says, sorry that’s not going to happen. Blinky is just as disappointed, calling it “regrettable” that “Beijing had rejected Austin’s request for a meeting with the Chinese defense minister.

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