Trump Declares All Out War!

Instead of more jabs, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is finally getting into his platform.

This weekend, DeSantis headed to the border to announce his immigration policies.

It took about 10 seconds for Trump to fire off a response, accusing DeSantis of stealing his platform.


Trump’s team has been hammering Ron DeSantis for having a very similar platform since DeSantis announced.

The line of attack has been that DeSantis is merely copying Trump’s agenda.

Honestly, I think this is all part of the DeSantis master plan.

He is and has always presented himself as a less toxic version of Donald Trump.

Most of us would agree that Trump’s agenda was rock solid, so why deviate when the groundwork has already been laid?

DeSantis wants to appeal to the voters that Trump lost and that continue to resist falling in line behind him.

Trump is encouraging voters to go for the original rather than the dupe.

On Truth Social, he posted, “DeSanctimonious showed up today in Eagle Pass, on the Texas Border, with almost no crowd or excitement. He is a failed candidate, whose sole purpose in making the trip was to reiterate the fact that he would do all of the things done by me in creating the strongest Border, by far, in U.S. history. A total waste of time!”

While Trump continues to concentrate on DeSantis, DeSantis is trying to keep Harris and Biden as his primary target…

Similar platforms, completely different approach to this election.

So far, Trump’s method has worked far better, at least for the primary, but we still have a few months before the first vote is cast, so we will continue to watch the polls and see if DeSantis can chip away or if it will be Trump popping the champagne.

Source: Breitbart

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