Stacy Abrams Thinks She Can Run For President, HERE Is Why She Has NO Chance

Frustrated Georgia Gubernatorial loser Stacey Abrams believes she has a real chance at being the next President of the United States. Unfortunately, she has failed to devine that Black conservatives, more specifically southern Black conservatives and independents have a historically low tolerance for bulls***.

Abram’s latest grab for the camera revolved around the Election Intergity Act of 2021 in Georgia. But multiple proud, Black Republican and Independent voters are stepping up and defiantly throwing her words parroting the left’s pernicious racism or soft expectations right in her face.

According to LouderWithCrowder’s Brodigan,

“Black people aren’t stupid, but Stacey Abrams treats us like we are when she suggests that we aren’t even capable of obtaining a photo ID,” said Dr. Lisa Babbage of the Georgia Black Republican Council. “Frankly, it’s insulting that corporate leaders were so willing to go along with her narrative of Black helplessness, and it’s patronizing that they thought they were advancing the interest of Black voters by opposing this common-sense effort to ensure free and fair elections for all Georgians.”

Congressman Burgess Owens (R-OH) made a similar statement on Twitter, and the hits have only intensified since Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) defiantly told the world that “America isn’t a racist country”.

Black Republicans Have Been Calling Abrams’ Lies For A While

Consider this: according to a Hill-HarrisX poll reported by Newsweek, a “poll conducted in the midst of the Republican National Convention indicated that 24 percent of registered Black voters approved of Trump, up nine points from their previous poll conducted three weeks earlier.” The Black community in Georgia and throughout the United States IS NOT a political monolith.

The Black Americans for a Better Future Education Fund put out a press release on May 11th stating that “A coalition of Black business owners and community leaders held a press conference today to demand that corporate leaders, particularly Atlanta-based companies take the time to understand the diversity of opinions within the Black community before taking sides on political matters.”

Black Americans For A Better Future Press Conference on Vimeo.

These Black community leaders annihilated Abram’s pretentious self-assuredness,

Stacey Abrams doesn’t speak for the Black community; she speaks for the White liberals who bankroll her political ambitions,” said Raynard Jackson, founder and chairman of the Black Americans for a Better Future Education Fund, which co-hosted the event with the Georgia Black Republican Council. “Stacey Abrams doesn’t actually care about making it easier for Black people to vote; she only cares about making it easier for Democrats to vote.”

Many of the speakers present pointed to the rhetoric spewed by the vindictive failed politician from Abrams and the Biden-Harris regime which they attest directly influenced the Major League Baseball decision to pull the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta, a devastating move against the business owners. Every one of them lost desperately needed revenue while at the same time struggling to rebuild from the crushing COVID19 lockdown. Together these leaders urged their fellow Georgians to reject Abrams, Biden and the Democrat Socialist left and lift-up their local businesses to keep Atlanta’s historically proud, increasingly conservative Black community alive.

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