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Trump News That Could Be a Major Thorn in His Presidential Plans

Donald Trump’s legal team has jumped into action.

The presidential immunity case has set a lot of things into motion.

One of them is Trump trying to get the hush-money verdict vacated.

Will It Work?

There is a lot of misinformation related to this decision, where people seem to think if that if you were ever a president, any possible crime will fall under immunity.

When the hush-money was paid by Donald Trump, he was not president. It happened a few months before he became president.

Point being, that will not fall under presidential immunity.

Honestly, however, even if Trump was president, I don’t think the payment would have been considered an official presidential act, so it still would not have been covered.

This misinformation is partly due to the working in the ruling from Justice Sotomayor.

In her ruling, she stated that a president could use SEAL Team 6 to assassinate a political opponent, and it would be immune.

That is absolutely not the case.

Now, while the motion to have the verdict set aside will not be successful, this is more about pushing everything back.

And on that point, Trump was successful.

Due to this motion, the court has agreed to set sentencing from July 11 to September 18, which will be after the Republican National Convention.

If Judge Merchan wants to stick it to Trump, he could sentence him to house arrest or even jail, and he could order the sentence to be served immediately.

That is not likely, but if he did that, it would pull Trump right off the campaign trail, and had the sentencing date remained in place, he had the worries of missing the Republican National Convention.

I also still think that Trump will more than likely have the verdict overturned or any sentence imposed reduced once the appeals process plays out.

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