Elderly Pro-Life Woman Arrested For Praying Outside Abortion Clinic Scores Legal Win

After being arrested and fined for praying silently outside of an abortion clinic in Liverpool, this 76-year-old elderly woman has had her penalty dismissed.

Officers arrested and detained Rosa Lalor back in February 2021 for supposedly breaking lockdown measures with “protest.”

“Merseyside Police have now conceded that such detention was wrong, and that Lalor was acting within her rights, indeed having a ‘reasonable excuse’ to be outdoors praying,” human rights group Alliance Defending Freedom (U.K.) announced in a press release.

“I’m delighted that the prosecution has finally dropped this charge after a long and exhausting battle for justice,” Lalor stated.

“I took this challenge forward with support from ADF UK to show that we do all have a fundamental right to pray – not least pray as I did, in the privacy of my own mind,” she continued. “It was wrong for the police officer to tell me that I could not pray in a public street. It’s important for officers to respect basic religious freedom, and improve their understanding of how that right manifests, in order to maintain a truly tolerant society.”

Jeremiah Igunnubole, ADF U.K. legal counsel for Lalor, stated that it’s “deeply regrettable” that his client had to endure this extreme level of suffering merely from praying in public.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate a victory for Rosa today, but it is deeply regrettable that this law-abiding woman was subjected to distressing, drawn-out criminal proceedings in the first place, no doubt due to her pro-life stance,” he slammed.

“This follows a worrying trend in law enforcement where individuals are routinely arrested simply because their views are considered to be controversial or offensive,” Igunnubole added.

In the U.S. another pro-life woman was awarded over $5.1 million by a jury, after she had been fired by Southwest Airlines based on her religious beliefs, namely being pro-life.

“Today is a victory for freedom of speech and religious beliefs. Flight attendants should have a voice and nobody should be able to retaliate against a flight attendant for engaging in protected speech against her union,” Carter told FOX Business last week. “I am so humbled and thankful for today’s decision and for everyone who’s supported me these past five years, including the National Right to Work Foundation.”



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