U.S. Airstrikes

U.S. Attacks 85 Targets in Retaliation

Since Joe Biden can’t retaliate directly against Iran, the Pentagon picked 85 targets in Iraq and Syria. They sent in the B-1 bombers and “initial indications are we hit exactly what we meant to hit.”

Targets hit with precision

American B-1 bombers were used to take out proxy terrorist targets in Iraq and Syria, with dramatically successful results. The U.S. got sucked into the war, between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, when Tower 22 in Jordan was attacked by goat humping terrorists.

They’re allegedly working as independent contractors for the Ayatollah and used drones to kill 3 American servicemen. They also injured 34 others in the recent sneak attack.

The B-1, officials note, “is a long-range heavy bomber that can deploy precision and non-precision weapons.” According to Lieutenant General Douglas Sims, director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “the bomber crews that flew from the U.S. made it in one non-stop flight.

He adds that the brass is “really confident” in the precision of its strikes on the militia targets.

Initial indications are,” the general relates, that “we hit exactly what we meant to hit, with a number of secondary explosions associated with the ammunition and logistics locations” picked as appropriate targets.

Separately, it was confirmed that we hit “3 facilities in Iraq and 4 in Syria.” The whole battle was over in half an hour.

Strikes were successful

John Kirby, spin doctor for the National Security Council, is happy to be reporting something successful. Precision airstrikes on 85 targets in the volatile Middle East gives him something to make Joe look good with.

He’s been spending day and night trying to explain how the invasion of migrants across our southern border isn’t a threat to our national security, even when guys in ghillie suits are sneaking in with the rest of the herd.

We believe that the strikes were successful,” Kirby hedged. They might not have been so he wasn’t about to actually go out on a limb and declare victory.

That’s probably because, as he mentioned, the Pentagon “does not know now how many militants were killed or wounded.” We blew up 85 targets in spectacular fashion so it’s hard to believe we didn’t take out at least a few of the mercenaries.

Lloyd Austin was also quick to show his face on television. He wanted to let everyone know he’s still alive and at least getting dressed and showing up at the office this week.

Joe, he relates, “has directed additional actions to hold the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] and affiliated militias accountable for their attacks on US and Coalition Forces.” Without talking about specific targets, he warns, “these will unfold at times and places of our choosing.” When you least expect it, expect it.

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