Registered Democrat Charged in Jan 6th Incident

This card carrying Democrat never was one of those deplorable Trump supporters and never will be. Robert Reeder was at the barbarian invasion of the Capitol Building to “battle the police” and the prosecutor calls his “unlawful acts” a “source of pride and accomplishment.” He pleaded guilty to “parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building.”

A registered Democrat

The biased network media has been trying to convince America that what happened on January 6 was the work of Trump supporters, inflamed by the President’s speech on January 6.

Conservatives are demanding to know how deep the FBI was involved with staging the operation through their undercover agents embedded in the “QAnon” subculture. One thing was proved at Reeder’s hearing, liberals were involved too. Robert Reeder is proud to be a registered Democrat.

He claims, through his attorney, that he “found himself at the scene as an ‘accidental tourist.'” The Democrat didn’t get on the train by accident that day though.

The 55-year-old insists he only went to see Trump’s speech because he had “nothing better to do.” The “spur of the moment decision” quickly became a “regrettable mistake.” He regrets it because he got arrested over it.

“Mr. Reeder is not politically active, is not and has never been a member of any right-wing or anti-government or extremist group and has, unfortunately, been publicly grouped with many others (whose) views he abhors,” attorney Robert Bonsib argued.

He doesn’t say if the Democrat was the member of any left-wing groups though. He promised the judge that his client will think twice before he follows another crowd of people.

Bragged on video

When District Judge Thomas Hogan passes his final sentence on Wednesday, August 18, he’ll take into consideration that “Reeder recorded himself breaching the Capitol twice.”

He also “videotaped an officer being assaulted and bragged that he “battle(d) the police.” As noted by the Prosecutor, for the Democrat Defendant, “these unlawful acts were a source of pride and accomplishment.”

The Maryland Democrat faces a maximum sentence of six months in prison but federal prosecutors have recommended only two months. On top of that, Reeder’s lawyer says the U.S. Probation Office has recommended a sentence of two years of probation,” but Judge Hogan “isn’t bound by it.”

Prosecutors want to see at least some jail time. “Anything other than a custodial sentence will fail to give the Defendant a dose of reality and deter him from future illegal conduct,” U.S. Attorney Joshua Rothstein declared.

So far, more than 570 people have been charged with federal crimes over what happened that fateful day. Reeder appears to be the first Democrat. No matter which side he was on, that day in D.C. he was a “rioter violating the law,” not a journalist or a tourist.

Three dozen of those arrested have entered guilty pleas to date. Conservative Americans wonder when the looters and arsonists who rampaged for over a year will be charged with something. Maybe even punished for it. That does not seem to be realistically on the horizon.

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