Watch as Sergeant Serves Warrants for Democrat Arrests

The Texas House of Representatives didn’t waste a second getting freshly signed civil arrest warrants passed around. Fifty criminally AWOL Democrats flatly refuse to obey the laws they swore to uphold. As many as can be rounded up are about to be dragged to work in chains. The anarchists cashed their tax-funded paychecks to hire private escape jets and the whole party was airlifted off to vacation in D.C. near the beltway elite, who encourage them to shirk their duties. Some of the rogues were stupid enough to return.

Warrants served hot

A video depicting a Texas House sergeant-at-arms making his rounds is going viral because it shows him delivering official civil arrest documents to the criminally AWOL lawbreakers.

They won’t be hauled off to jail because these aren’t criminal warrants. They can be dragged into work. Only four of them are needed for Texas Republicans to be able to finish the business of passing long overdue election integrity laws.

On Wednesday, August 11, Republicans rushed to get the warrants signed and issued. As soon as they were officially stamped and sealed, the whole team of sergeants-at-arms went door-to-door and delivered the paperwork to the offices of the rebellious Democrats. Handing the document to a staff member, and reading the magic spell that goes with it, is all the voodoo required to make it stick. Democrats still don’t believe that.

Liberals don’t think laws actually apply to them. One of the renegade anarchists has already managed to convince a liberal judge to grant him a temporary “get out of civil-arrest free card.” It expires as soon as another Judge rules the legislature really can do what they did.

Rep. Gene Wu, a flaming Democrat, hustled his copy over to district court Judge Chris Morton, who granted the deserter an emergency “writ of habeas corpus.” Wu gloats that his note from the judge allows him to “remain free until the court determines whether the civil arrest warrants for the Texas lawmakers are legal.”

They are, but nobody is real sure exactly how they work, what can really be done, or where to go from here. “This is a reminder to Governor Abbott that we still live in a democracy,” Wu sneered. One focused around Antifa® brand anarchy.

A whole month

Democrats have been absent without an excuse for a full 31 days now. Even with the warrants, there’s no sign of an end to the Mexican standoff. The progressives admit that “they cannot permanently stop the GOP voting bill from passing because of Republicans’ dominance.”

Instead they will simply go on strike and refuse to do their job. Laws are meant to be broken.

“Nothing about these warrants are a surprise, and they don’t necessarily affect my plans,” defies Erin Zwiener, who has refused to return to the Capitol.

She may not think so now but “they can be physically brought back to the Capitol.” They really can. It will be interesting to see if they are. Republican Jim Murphy hopes they’ll do the right thing and come in on their own. This isn’t a situation he’s seen before.

“I am hoping they will come because the warrants have been issued and they don’t want to be arrested. It is incredible to me that you have to arrest people to do the job they campaigned for, for which they took an oath of office to uphold the Texas Constitution.”

The NAACP sent some of their lawyers to twist arms at the Ministry of Justice, urging the Federal Bureau of Instigation to manufacture evidence that a federal crime was being committed by Republicans, for threatening to have the criminals arrested.

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