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Radical Solution Found for Illegal Immigration Problem

Most Western countries are dealing with illegal immigration crises and responding with varying degrees of success. The Biden administration has done the bare minimum to cope with the border crisis, but across the pond the Tory government of the United Kingdom has announced a new plan to dissuade migrants: anyone who enters the country illegally may now be sent on a one-way trip to the East African country of Rwanda.

Boris Johnson announces illegal immigration plan

Being an island has saved Britain from dozens of potential invasions throughout history but it has not been enough to save the country from the effects of the European migrant disaster.

The United Kingdom is the preferred destination of many migrants, who frequently attempt to cross the English Channel in small boats which often capsize and require rescue by the U.K. Border Force.

Illegal immigration was one of the major issues that drove the Brexit vote in 2016 but a lasting solution has not been found even with Westminster’s departure from the European Union.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally settled on a plan, which has already become enormously controversial and has drawn condemnation from the Labour Party and the United Nations.

The agreement with Rwanda will see illegal immigrants deposited in that country, where they will evidently be staying for good.

Johnson claims that this will ensure that migrants do not take the risk of crossing the English Channel and that human traffickers lose much of their income.

Migrants to be sent to Rwanda

The Prime Minister provided an optimistic assessment of Rwanda as a destination for the migrants, claiming that it is a safe a prosperous host country.

Single men in particular are meant to be quickly flown to Africa so that British taxpayers are not paying for their extended stays in the United Kingdom.

Leftists and non-governmental organizations that work to bring illegal immigrants to the United Kingdom are loudly decrying the proposal and Johnson says that he expects a legal battle.

The British public, however, has repeatedly expressed a desire to see the government crack down on illegal immigration. Many voters are pleased to see the Tory government finally fulfilling one of its promises.

The effects of a failure to deliver a promised response to the migrant problem can be seen on the other side of the Channel, where French voters have sent anti-immigration hardliner Marine Le Pen to a runoff election that has the potential to unseat incumbent Emmanuel Macron.

President Biden will not be following the British example in dealing with the border crisis, but if the Rwanda arrangement proves to be a success then other countries may consider similar strategies in the future.

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