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New Poll Shows a Strong Lead for Herschel Walker in Senate Race

Polling from Georgia shows a strong lead for Republican candidate Herschel Walker in a general election race against incumbent Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock. The race is one of the most closely watched of 2022, and its outcome could play a decisive role in giving a Senate majority to the Republicans if Warnock is defeated. Walker will still need to win the Republican primary, but his lead over other GOP candidates is almost unassailable.

Herschel Walker polling ahead of Warnock

With the endorsement of former President Donald Trump and a formidable group of influential Republican lawmakers, Herschel Walker has an easy path to the nomination in May.

The general election will be the real challenge for both nominees; Georgia has become a swing state in recent years and either candidate could win in November.

For now most polls show a respectable advantage for Walker, a former football star and longtime Republican who has managed to draw support from both moderates and Trump supporters.

Polls in March and April have shown a growing lead for Walker over Warnock, who led in some polling towards the end of 2021.

The race is still close, but Walker has managed to consistently lead Warnock by small amounts in most polls since the beginning of 2022.

An April poll conducted by Big Data Poll gives the Republican his strongest lead yet, with a full-five point advantage over Warnock among the 931 likely voters surveyed.

Democrats and Republicans watching Georgia closely

With a 3.1 percent margin of error the poll puts Walker decisively ahead of his opponent, though Warnock is still very much within striking distance.

Both parties will see this as a winnable race and spending will particularly extravagant this year. The Democrats desperately need victories in any of the Senate races that they are still able to contest if they are to have any chance at maintaining their majority.

Republicans hope that defeating Warnock will both secure a Senate majority and reverse some of the momentum the Democrats gained in Georgia in 2020.

Success for Herschel Walker is equally important for Donald Trump; the former president has been exceptionally invested in Georgia’s 2022 races and Walker is his chosen standard bearer for the state.

With his preferred gubernatorial candidate David Perdue flailing somewhat in his own primary race, a defeat for Walker in November would be a serious blow to Trump’s prestige within the party.

Fortunately for Trump, Walker now has a stable lead and room to expand it in the coming months. Unless his campaign is struck by some kind of disaster the former running back is in a very strong position to contest the general election.

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