Nancy Pelosi's Dreams CRUSHED...Receives the Bad News

Nancy Pelosi’s Dreams CRUSHED…Receives the Bad News

Nancy Pelosi is reportedly facing a serious challenge in her effort to remain Speaker of the House, from both sides of the aisle.

Tom Emmer, Representative from Minnesota and Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee said: “I mean Nancy Pelosi doesn’t even have a majority where she can be elected speaker again.”

“Whoever would have guessed that it’d be possible that Nancy Pelosi might not be the speaker?” Emmer asked.


“I know the vote on the floor is difficult for Speaker. I know there was a number of people who did not vote for her last time,” House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy said.

“And as our numbers continue to grow, I think at the end of the day, no matter where we end up, we’ll be able to have a very big say, or even run the floor when it comes to policy,” McCarthy continued.

The voice vote for Speaker of the House requires a majority. Usually, each Republican yells out the name of their party leader, currently Kevin McCarthy, and Democrats announce their vote for Nancy Pelosi. The party in power with the numbers on their side wins the vote.


According to Fox News, “Pelosi has struck deals and maneuvered to squash internal challenges to her leadership before. She overcame defectors in the past, including those from moderate Democrats who had pledged to vote against her if elected.

In 2019, there were 15 Democrats who didn’t support her, but she could afford the losses with a bigger majority.”

As votes are still being counted, it is unclear as of yet how small the Democrats’ majority will be heading into the new year.

  1. That’s great news turkey neck Nancy needs to be set to the side and forgotten once and for all . She’s the country’s worse enemy . She never served the country , only her self . How in the hell does she keep getting reelected ??? That’s what I like to know . Guess the same way shes trying to fix the election for old joe . I can’t see either winning with lieing and cheating the way she tryed to say trump did . That makes her 10 x worse then trump . Trump never had to cheat to win . That’s something she can’t say about her self and old joe . Mail in votes my ass . This is what happens when past so called presidents and other so called officials get involved in the game , They lie their ass’s off . This is how sad the delusional democrats become and how low they have to sink to win . The delusional democrats have no more honor . They lost all hope and pride working in the delusional democrats party . They shame the country and all that served befor them . Nothing more then lost hope on our government . When your suffering by their handy work remember. .. this is your fault . Old joe will never be my president , and his bitch will never be either . I can see their corruption , to bad you can’t . But that’s nothing anymore . Turkey neck Nancy is out cause the Republicans now run the Senate and the house . So by by turkey neck Nancy

  2. I will never believe it until I see it. Nancy Legosi is destined to die in office. Even Trump is too squeamish to remove her from power.

  3. Nazi Pelosi has done nothing the last four years. All she’s been good for is being an obstructionist, an antagonist, and a failure. I hope she is ousted as Speaker of the House. She needs a good smack down to knock her off her elitist pedestal. And next up is her kin, Newsom, who believes he’s California’s self-appointed god.

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