Nancy Pelosi Loses it During Press Conference…Completely SNAPS (Video)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is known for being disrespectful to President Trump and now she is dodging pressing questions about Hunter Biden’s corruption.

Pelosi Snaps at Fair Question

On Thursday, Pelosi angrily snapped at a reporter during a press conference when asked about “serious allegations of corruption involving Joe Biden.”

The news conference took place at the Capitol and the notorious California Democrat was not too happy about being asked a question relating to one of the biggest scandals of the century.


The Washington Examiner’s Kerry Picket could not even finish her question before Pelosi cut her off saying: “I’m sorry, I’m not answering your question.” 

House Speaker Won’t Secure Stimulus for Americans

Republicans have been working hard to try and get a stimulus relief bill for the American people, however, the House Speaker has been stonewalling all efforts.


The coronavirus stimulus bill would secure about $2 trillion for struggling Americans and businesses, which Republicans have been trying to secure before Election Day.

“We’re talking about the coronavirus,” Pelosi said.

“I don’t have all day for questions,” she added.

Pelosi has snapped before when it comes to being asked about allegations surround Biden.

On April 30, she was asked about allegations made by Tara Read regarding her claim that she was sexually assaulted by Biden. The reporter asked if there was a different standard for Democrats when it comes to sexual assault allegations and she then referred to the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh.

“I respect your question,” Pelosi said. “I don’t need a lecture or a speech.”

Biden Scandal Rocking Campaign

With the latest Hunter Biden scandal gaining steam, a campaign spokesman for Biden, Andrew Bates, shot back.

“The Attorney General of Delaware’s office indicated that the FBI has ‘ongoing investigations regarding the veracity of this entire story.’ And it would be unsurprising for an investigation of a disinformation action involving Rudy Giuliani and those assisting him to involve questions about money laundering, especially since there are other documented inquiries into his dealings,” Bates said in a statement to Fox News

“In fact, Donald Trump’s own national security adviser warned the president that material furnished by Giuliani should be considered tainted by Russian interference.”

  1. This article has to be FAKE News. I base this on the FACT that she is a Democrap(named for the lack of brains and their Skulls filled WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER) while that fecal matter allows them to spew all sorts of IGNORANT S**T it completely negates any chance of one having a mental breakdown since a brain is required to have a mental problem.

  2. When you go and read through these documents and emails….where in the hell does Russia fit in…after all it was Hillary and the DNC that paid for the Russian dossier…it was obama and Hillary that allowed Russia to buy 1/5 of our uranium…and the mayor of Moscow wife gave hunter 3.5 million dollars.

  3. You righties can’t handle women, let alone strong women. What’s wrong with you? Male ego too fragile; skin too thin??? First it was Clinton dottering and stumbling; now Pelosi loses it emoting about American people; what about Kamala Harris who you’ll be dealing with for years upcoming???
    Get a grip; get married; get a brain you whiny conservative white males. . .

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