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Chuck Schumer Just Caved

For months now, Republican Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have been disputing over the Defense Department’s taxpayer-funded abortion policy. Well, now Schumer has finally caved in and began setting up votes on three military officers, which could be seen as a victory for Tuberville.

The news comes after months of protests by Tuberville against the Pentagon’s policy, which he insists was put in place without congressional approval.

In March, the Senator started blocking promotions in order to get his point across and stated that he would not stop until the policy was revoked.

To force a vote on General Eric Smith’s promotion to US Marine Corps commandant, Tuberville planned to bring forth a motion to the floor on Wednesday.

After taking this into consideration, Schumer announced that he had filed cloture – a process used for limiting debate – on three military officers.

In his response, Schumer accused Tuberville of “brazen and misguided” behavior while claiming that “the Senate should not have to go through procedural hoops just to please one…senator” but also admitted that they were at an impasse because of him.

He added that despite all this, they would still overwhelmingly vote in favor of confirming these nominees and then proceed with their positions regardless of what happens with the abortion policy issue.

Tuberville countered by saying “One of us was bluffing…it wasn’t me” and maintained his stance against any efforts made by Democrats unless they rescinded their current policy first.

He also pointed out how long it took them (months) before they decided act upon his demands while Senators from both parties commented on how ridiculous it is for them not do something sooner about this situation given all their powers combined.

Clint Brown from The Heritage Foundation remarked that rather than relinquish power, Schumer chose instead schedule votes himself as if nothing happened prior, hence proving once again who holds more clout when it comes down politics or matters such as this one.

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