More Election FRAUD Was Just Exposed (Video)

After Project Veritas exposed a Michigan branch of the United States Postal Service apparently taking an active part in election fraud, they followed it up today with a related video which they captured back in May. The postal service was incredibly lax in passing out blank ballots to just about anyone.

Election fraud at the Post Office

The United States Postal Service isn’t scoring many brownie points with conservative voters today. Attorney General William Barr has already sent a team of investigators to Michigan after a massive fraud operation to inject last minute ballots into the counting room was exposed by a furious whistleblower in Traverse City.

It appears that his supervisor, Jonathan Clarke, ordered mail workers to collect any remaining ballots the day after the election, back date the postmarks and rush them off to be counted. That’s illegal election fraud because the state isn’t allowed to count anything brought in after the polls close, no matter when they were postmarked.


An update to the Michigan fraud case came late in the day Friday, with Project Veritas reporting that they have been “contacted by a Special Agent within the Office of Inspector General for the USPS who is aware of our video, believes the allegations of wrongdoing fall under their jurisdiction,” and they’re deciding whether or not to investigate.

Gambling with votes in Vegas

The second video incriminating the USPS was actually filmed earlier this year as part of a related operation.


This fraud flick was produced in Las Vegas, Nevada. An undercover Veritas reporter was betting that he could score some blank ballots to fill out, assuming he was criminally inclined, if he simply played his cards right. It was amazingly easy. He simply asked the mailman at a big apartment complex.

“Yeah,” the journalist prompted, “where can I find a handful of those?” He asked, referring to vote packets, without indicating why, especially not hinting they might play a role in election fraud. “I don’t know, man. I’m almost finished with the boxes today.”

The reporter laughed it off but “Art” wanted to be helpful. “Hey, not a problem, man. I’m gonna see if I can get you some like a nice little handful. What’s your unit number?” The reporter made one up.

The journalist had a camera running secretly so he nailed the fraud down for his viewers, confirming, “you gonna get a handful?” The federal worker replied, “I probably could. I don’t know. Maybe. If it’s in there.” He knew he shouldn’t, adding “I didn’t do it.” Art then ventured, “I’ll see what I can do.” It seems that “there are always old ballots around with the rest of the unclaimed mail.” How many of those unclaimed ballots have already been counted?

  1. This is standard practice for communist-democrats, but this is the worst I ever seen in my 80+ years in this country.

  2. How many counted, well 75000 were mailed out to unknowns or bad addresses. Then Nevada/Las Vegas checked signatures to only 40% accuracy, wide open ballot harvesting with no controls – what could possibly go wrong? But no fraud. Oh, and the state is run by Dems.

  3. Derelict Joe was a shame from the beginning. He’s only a cover for the Communist party of this country to not only steal the election, but steal a country.

  4. There are two kinds of voter fraud the Democrats deploy. I believe that in evey state and in every election the Democrats use voter fraud to win-the two kinds of fraud are those that are identified and those that have so far gone unseen. We’ve seen the fraud in Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina. We can be certain there was fraud in Illinois, California and Colorado, but no one looked to find it. And though the subject has not come up, we also know there was fraud in Texas and Minnesota (where ballot harvesters were caught collecting ballots and selling them to crooked candidates for use as a vote fraud. When the morals of a group of people are lower than we expect from the devil, what can we expect. All we can do is to leep digging to discover the fraud and to write laws with teeth that preclude it’s future occurrence. If that don’t work war is all that’s left-the left is itching for a war as stories abound about who is a Trump supporter so they can be made accountable. This list could come in very handy for them as it will make it possible to know who’s killing their miserable asses.

  5. First of all didn’t turkey neck Nancy tell everyone they will win by any means . This is the new delusional democrat party . This is how low they have to go to win . Shame they can’t win on their merit alone . Guess they just don’t have any justification of the party’s good will . But then look who your talking about in the delusional democrats party . That alone tells you all you need to know as to why they have no honor left in their party . Not a damn honest one in the hole damn lot of them . Not a damn single one of them . That’s the sad truth of them.

  6. President Trump for ever! Declare Martial Law & rid our nation of every Anti-American here breathing our air.

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