A Top Leftist Actress Has Totally Turned On The White House…

Leftist actress Debra Messing made her dissatisfaction towards the Biden administration known recently.

CNN has reported that during a call between White House aides and multiple celebrity Democratic supporters Messing expressed her displeasure what the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

CNN’s Edward-Isaac Dovere wrote that three people on the call heard Messing describe being “fed up” with President Joe Biden, especially after she had gotten him elected, and didn’t see a point with following through on things she had been asked to do or voting at all.

We just think its big news to hear that Debra Messing somehow got Biden elected?

And apparently many other recipients of the last-minute call co-organized by Build Back Better Together felt the conversation was “fatalistic” and questioned its purpose.

Additionally, the participants of the call were contacted again later the same day of the call “with a list of basic talking points and suggestions of Biden speech clips to share on TikTok.”

We can see that Messing’s phrase of being “fed up” is one likely shared by many non-celebrity Democratic individuals, who are frustrated with the Biden administration.


Sources: Dailywire, CNN, Independent


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