Thousands of VA Ballots MISPLACED on Election Day

When Republicans warned about election fraud and ballot problems they were oh so right to do so. Thousands of Virginia ballots were misplaced on Election Day.

More Ballots Not Counted

In Henrico County, it was uncovered that almost 15,000 absentee votes were mysteriously misplaced.

The Virginia Public Access Project posted on social media that the votes in question were saved on a computer memory stick and were conveniently mislabel “provisional ballots.”


The project reports that more than 14,000 absentee mail-ins were not counted in the county on election night.

Virginia Public Access Project said: “In CD7, Spanberger now leads by 5,134 votes after Henrico County posts 14,616 central absentee votes that were overlooked on Election night. Officials overlooked the ballots, which were saved on a memory stick mislabeled as “provisional ballots.”


Fraud, Fraud and More Fraud

Mark Coakley, who is the Henrico County General Registrar did confirm to 8News on Thursday morning that his office uploaded 10 memory cards worth of ballots to their computer software.

This was on election night and he said the ten cards had “filter checked off” which means that these votes were not able to be read.

Coakley has called it a computer software issue. It was quite convenient that Henrico County did not catch the blatant error until VPAP tweeted out the truth that there were votes unaccounted for.

After VPAP heroically pointed out the misplaced votes, then Coakley acknowledged it. He said that they then re-checked the paper reports, saw the red flags and found the issue.

Will Justice Prevail?

The missing ballots proved to be crucial because it solidified victory in the 7th district.

“Thank you to VPAP for tweeting out the situation. We would have caught it but we caught it sooner rather than later,” Coakley said.

The recovered votes gave Abagail Spanberger about 5,000 votes over her competitor Nick Freitas. She declared a victory yesterday.

However, Henrico County is now claiming there are about 7,000 mail-in ballots that still have to be counted.  

  1. Will these ballots that were found be counted in? Or if they are for Trump will they be tossed? Isn’t it a federal offense to destroy ballots or bring in more ballots for a candidate? Why are these people not arrested and put in jail? When they do a recount do they still add in the bogus ballots?

  2. The left are not even trying to hide their fraud and criminal activity any longer. Yet NOTHING gets done about it, yr after yr! Our Founders, my own ancestors must be SO ashamed of us…

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