Series of Events Sends Popular Vacation Destination Into Tight Security

The Lazy Gators event venue and the Shady Gators Bar have taken some considerably more… proactive security precautions to protect their clientele after a fatal Memorial Day shooting shattered the relaxing atmosphere of the Lake Ozark, Missouri hot spot.

On Memorial Day a man identified as rapper and hip hop artist Vonza Watson by ABC7 KHQA was shot in the chest at the Shady Gators bar just before 11 PM, he was taken to Lake Regional Hospital where he later died.

Vonza Watson -Soundcloud
Chad Brewer -Camden County Sheriff’s Office photo













Local affiliate KMBC revealed that the alleged shooter wearing a Blue and White Basketball Jersey was seen leaving the scene. A suspect, Chad Brewer, 29 was later arrested and charged with drug possession when police found 16 rocks individually wrapped totaling 5.5 grams on his person. Brewer allegedly identified them as cocaine, NARTEC testing confirmed this.

The New Security Measures Are… Interesting… And Thorough

The waterfront lounge is a part of its neighboring restaurant, Shady Gators according to KOMU, and both frequently host large crowds all summer long. Jeremy Gorham, one of the co-owners spoke to the press about the additional precautions the owners decided to implement.

“Yeah we are shelling out a lot of money every weekend to make sure everyone is safe here and to show everybody that we are absolutely trying our very hardest,” Gorham explained.

The list of rules and precautions is extensive.


The list includes some items that are fairly obvious knee-jerk reactions, such as:

“Absolutely No Weapons of Any Kind!!!!!!! Patrons Will Be Subject To Random Metal Detector Search. No Guns, Knives, or Tasers. Absolutely No Drugs of Any Kind!!!! Drug Dogs On Premise.

All Violators Willl Be Arrested And Prosecuted To The Fullest Extent Of The Law

Only Clear Bags And Purses Allowed. No Backpacks. All Bags And Purses Will Be Manually Searched By Security Before Entry.”

And then there’s the Dress Code! This is where things get oddly specific:

“No Baggy Clothing, All Pants Must Be Worn Around Waist.

No Excessive jewelry chains ABSOLUTELY NO GRILLS.

No images or references to drugs or any drug use is allowed on any apparel

No athletic apparel (jerseys and basketball shorts included)

No Sweatpants or sweatsuits.

No excessively ripped or torn off clothing or jeans

No risque or indecent swimwear or clothing is permitted. Management reserves all rights to determine appropriate attire.

No backpacks or large bags.”

The rights of a business to refuse service and to set ‘rules of the house’ are sacrosanct and shouldn’t be infringed so long as they are not illegal. But with respect, this could be considered at best an overcorrection, at worst, a ‘woke’ attorney or court could paint a target on the venue and club. It will be interesting to check back later and see how the Lazy Gators and Shady Gators fare under these new restrictions.

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