Mike Pence Speaks On Reasons He Certified Joe Biden

Former Vice-President Mike Pence broke his silence to speak up on why he decided to rubber stamp the allegedly fraudulent election. Americans can accept his explanation gracefully and allow him to fade off into the obscurity of history. He really can’t be blamed for what he did. Still, everybody knows that an opportunity was missed which could have been seized by someone bolder, with more vision and the willingness to fall on their face with a splat if it didn’t succeed by the end. At least we would know we fought to the last and left no options on the table. As it stands now, there can only be “what if” speculation.

Pence explains why

Mike Pence is getting a little irate at being treated like the Grinch getting caught boosting the Christmas tree. Everybody keeps looking at him with that little Cindy-Lou Who look on their face, asking, “Santy Claus, why? Why are you taking our Christmas tree? Why?”

Staring out at the sea of young smiling faces at a Young America’s Foundation event at the University of Iowa on Monday, November 1, he was asked that pointed question one time too many. A student asked “why he did not stop the certification of Biden’s win.”


“On January 5th, you were convinced that the election was correctly stolen,” Jared asked. “You, Trump, Peter Navarro, John Eastman, and others had a plan on the morning of the 6th to send the certification back to the states. What is the name of the person who convinced you to buck President Trump’s plan and certify the votes?”

Pence pointed the finger at “the fourth President of the United States James Madison.” He’s the one called “father of the Constitution.” The real reason is he was chicken.

“The Constitution is very clear that elections are to be governed at the state level. The Founders actually made that decision at the Constitutional Convention. And the only role of the federal government was to open and count the electoral votes that were sent by the states,” Pence explained.


“I understand the disappointment in the election. You might remember I was on the ballot. But you’ve got to be willing to do your duty.” As part of that duty he could have refused certification. It was admittedly shaky ground but they at least had a leg to stand on. The theory wasn’t guaranteed air-tight legal but it was solid enough to throw against the wall to see if it would stick.

Improve voter integrity

Pence promises that he hasn’t abandoned the fight for election integrity. “I continue to share those concerns and I support efforts in states to improve voter integrity as has been done in places like Georgia and Arizona and elsewhere,” he assured.

He just didn’t believe what Rudy Giuliani was telling him. The former VP couldn’t get his head around the idea that “any one person could choose the American president.” He couldn’t because that was the flaw in his logic. All he needed to do was say, “hey, look. There’s more than enough evidence to question the results so no, I won’t certify them.” That would have kicked the can right back to the states for further scrutiny.

Even though the idea had legal basis, everyone in the oval office meetings agreed that the chances of pulling it off were slim. As Once and Future President Donald Trump explained on the eve of destruction, all “Vice President Pence has to do is send it back to the states to recertify and we become president and you are the happiest people.”

“When you catch somebody in a fraud, you’re allowed to go by very different rules. So I hope Mike has the courage to do what he has to do.” He didn’t. The barbarian invasion didn’t help his frame of mind.

According to legal counsel to the White House John Eastman, “all we are demanding of Vice President Pence is this afternoon at one o’clock he let the legislatures of the states look into this so that we get to the bottom of it and the American people know whether we have control of the direction of our government or not! We no longer live in a self-governing republic if we can’t get the answer to this question!” Eastman has been misquoted and hauled over the coals for the misquotes but the bottom line is this. “The fact is that the Constitution assigns this power to the Vice President as the ultimate arbiter. We should take all of our actions with that in mind.”

When the VP asked point blank, “Do you think I have the authority simply to not count electoral votes?” Eastman let him off the hook. “That’s an open question. I happen to think it’s the weaker constitutional argument, but it’s certainly been floated out there in scholarly articles. But even if you had that authority, it would be foolish to exercise it in the absence of state legislatures having certified the alternate slate of electors.” Getting the legislators on board was admittedly an uphill battle but not a foregone conclusion of defeat.

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