American Truckers Poised to Flip Biden and Govt One MASSIVE BIRD

In the face of massive govt overreach, the saviors of the American Republic, our bodily sovereignty, and individual freedoms may be the very men and women who typified and symbolized the freedom of the road for over a century… American Truckers.

For decades, popular culture taught us to respect and revere the pilots of the blacktop rivers that criss-cross our nation, the very lifeblood of the US economy flows through their veins, but their voice is a quiet one in the room. It is one that typically stays above the din, quietly observing. Today their voice has thundered across the great plains, echoed through the passes of the Rockies and down the hollers of Appalachia, and the foundations of power in Washington, D.C. are shaken.

“American Trucking Associations’ executive vice president for advocacy Bill Sullivan told POLITICO that some companies may simply decide that the cost of the mandate is not worth the government’s checks. Sullivan said he has raised concerns to the White House, Office of Management and Budget and other executive branch officials. He noted that if companies drop their contracts, it may be harder to get certain foods to troops, transport fuel for military vehicles, or even deploy the National Guard.

“I am confident but with heavy heart recognize a vaccine mandate will mean less capacity for the government as a customer of freight,” he said. “It has the potential to seriously impact military readiness.” His association has also warned that it could also delay deliveries to consumers during the holiday season. “I feel like the president has tried to be beautifully simple like this could apply to everybody, and by doing that, there will be an impact,” he said.

Mr. Sullivan’s warning against vaccine mandates carries the weight of some 3.5 million truck drivers behind it and is one of the most direct and worrisome warnings the Biden-Harris regime has yet to receive, from a segment of the electorate already displeased with them, CDLLife found in an October 2020 poll that 75% of truck drivers supported Donald Trump. The fuel price hikes and inflated grocery costs have hit truckers hardest if all. The costs of many services they depend on while on the road have exploded, leaving them with less in the account for their families who can’t make it stretch with the cost of meat and milk. All the overtime in the world mixed with eliminated vacations and mandatory overtime certainly don’t help either.

“It’s just going to become extremely challenging if they don’t bend,” an official with a major distribution company said of the White House.

Truckers Realize That Biden & His Govt Just Don’t Get It

A majority of the statements coming from the Biden White House don’t seem to grasp that for the most part, they’re not looking at a group of people who are “vaccine-hesitant” or “lack access” but rather a group of people who flat out refuse to be forced to take medical treatment against their will. It may seem cliche’ but this is a group of men and women who have freedom, individuality, and a bit of a rebellious streak hard-wired into their DNA, it’s kind of a necessity for the Trucker lifestyle. In none of their rhetoric do they address any other outcome than compliance, whether sooner or later?

Biden’s Covid task force leader Jeff Zients told industry leaders, “these processes play out across weeks, not days,” Zients said in a news availability last week. “And so, to be clear, we’re creating flexibility within the system. We’re offering people multiple opportunities to get vaccinated. There is not a cliff here.” Federal contractors have requested an extension of Biden’s deadline out to 2022, the allowance of a test-out option, and of course: eliminating the vaccine mandate altogether rather than face a crunch around the 2021 holidays.

“As everyone enters their high season, the Administration’s corporate COVID-19 vaccine mandate for government contractors threatens to be a major stumbling block in servicing our customers during the Holidays,” wrote Stephen Alterman, president of the Cargo Airline Association, according to an email obtained by POLITICO. “This December 8 mandate comes at a time when the industry is already faced with a growing worker shortage — a shortage that is likely to expand if employees decide to quit or retire rather than become vaccinated.”

However, this seems to have fallen on deaf ears, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said there were no plans to change the timeline. As it stood in September about 50% of all truckers had been coerced into taking the jab, but the American Trucking Association estimated that most carriers could lose up to 37% of their drivers if push comes to shove. There’s a term for that which is unheard of in the US: a General Strike.




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