Lefties Look to Force Biden’s Hand With AG Garland

This is what happens when you fail to deliver the heads that the mob calls for: they start to scream for yours. Clearly, these people never read up on the French Revolution or Maximilien Robespierre who helped instigate it. History recalls that he and some eighty-nine of his fellow revolutionaries suddenly found themselves on the wrong end of the guillotine.

Attorney General Merrick Garland today finds himself the target of leftist radicals calling for him to step down and be replaced by the Biden-Harris regime for failing to prosecute President Donald Trump among other prominent Republicans. All of this serves to prove, that “the Select Committee To Investigate The January 6 Attack On The United States Capitol” is nothing but a sham not an investigation, it’s a drumhead trial with predetermined results and in the minds of lefties predetermined verdicts!

The Knives Of The Lefties Come Out For AG Garland

The already simmering rage on Twitter, r/pol Reddit and Youtube was amplified and validated by former congresswoman Claire McCaskill in a recent MSNBC appearance where she drew a through-line based upon completely discredited testimony and zero-evidence from the Jan. 6th rioters to President Trump.

“Any responsible leader would want to end the violence, not provoke it!” yelled former congresswoman Clare McCaskill about President Trump on Jan. 6 according to The Blaze.

“That’s what he did that day, and that’s what this committee is going to layout, and that’s where Merrick Garland is either going to rise to the occasion or go down in infamy as one of the worst attorney generals in this country’s history!” she added.

Who of course is leading the charge? Why naturally the leftist radical Hollywood elites! None other than washed-up actress Debra Messing Tweeted, “@POTUS. PLEASE PLEASE REPLACE #MerrickGarland with @SallyQYates. #MerrickGarland please put #SallyYates in charge of a Special Council on the people who have publicly admitted to trying to overthrow the government.” MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid even jumped in to retweet Laurence Tribe who called for charges of seditious conspiracy.

The trend on Twitter has continued and numerous high-profile leftist figures have joined the chorus. How long will it be until Garland either caves to the pressure and begins attacking conservatives on manufactured, politically-motivated charges providing the mob with the pounds of flesh they crave, or he’s replaced by someone who will?


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