Biden’s Presidency Has Ended

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon hosted his former Editor and current spokesperson for President Trump Liz Harrington on the War Room on November 3rd to analyze the results of Democrats’ catastrophic electoral losses in the off-year 2021 elections. The evening saw a red wave overtake the races of Virginia, as Glenn Youngkin was elected Governor alongside Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears and Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares in what UVA Center of Politics pollster Larry Sabato said Democrats are calling ‘a bloodbath.’ During the Interview Bannon described the Biden-Harris regime as having “ended”, declaring it a “Lame duck Presidency”, and expounding that this makes them more dangerous than ever.

Bannon’s Mixed Message, A Lame Duck, Or A Dangerous Animal?

Bannon told his audience,

 “This was a referendum. Biden’s presidency ended last night. He’s a lame duck. We told you this was going to happen. He’s absolutely a lame duck. The knives are out right now.”

“They’re gonna become more- one of the most brilliant things President Trump said in the  John Fredericks interview this morning, which we’re going to try and pull, Liz and I want your thoughts.”

“These radicals up there are going to become more dangerous. They’re like wounded, cornered animals right now. Okay? They’re going to be more dangerous than they’ve ever been, trying to jam this thing through.”

“And of course, we’ve got the 19 Republican collaborators in the Senate that allowed this infrastructure bill. What’s your sense of how MAGA goes forward to try and stop this insanity on Capitol Hill? Liz Harrington.”

Harrington replied, “Right we have the momentum, we have the public, I mean, just like going back to the early days of this illegitimate regime. Nobody showed up at that inauguration, they don’t have any popular support. They didn’t have the popular support now. They certainly don’t have it now. But the problem is Mitch McConnell gave everything away, he gave the negotiating table all to the Democrats, so they don’t need the Republicans. The 19 that signed onto that sham non-infrastructure bill, So now the Democrats are just arguing amongst themselves, the Marxists versus the Socialists. It’s a mess. And the bad thing is, the potentially bad thing is: What happened in Virginia, what happened all across the country last night, they know their days are numbered.

They know no matter how much they rig it, if the MAGA base is out there, if the American people are out there, there’s nothing they can do about it. So they’re going to try to jam anything through that they can. So we have to not hold up the pressure. We have to keep pushing. We cannot allow either of these bills to go forward, because both of them are so so destructive to our country and would absolutely do long-term damage that we just cannot afford. ”


History has shown us that the latter is indeed true and that Harrington’s analysis is likely to prove prescient. Often in the waning days of their power, Marxists, and socialists have proven the most dangerous of all to their people. You need only look to the last-minute Soviet Coup of 1991 of the fall of Josef Tito and Yugoslavia. As the Congressional majority of the Biden-Harris regime disintegrates in 2022, we can expect Biden to lash out at the American people in anger and desperation.

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