Breaking: They Opened Fire on Civilians, Deaths Reported

Reports coming in from northeastern Afghanistan indicate the Pakistani military opened fire on civilians seeking to flee the country through the border crossing at Torkham in the Nangarhar province on August 27th. According to  Pajhwok Afghan News, six civilians were killed and two more were injured in the incident. “Pakistani forces opened firing on Afghans when they rushed towards the crossing gate and wanted to enter Pakistani side.”

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Torkham crossing is named for the city of Torkham on the Pakistani side of the border with the Nangahar province, an area that has long been a hotbed for Taliban and ISIS-K activity where illegal crossings by terrorist groups are frequent. The Torkham crossing was closed by Pakistani authorities as of at least August 26th. A Pakistani border official told The Telegraph “Pakistani officials also said the Torkham crossing had been sealed off because the country did not wish to take in any more refugees.


“We have closed the border on the government’s directives because Pakistan cannot afford to house more refugees. Pakistan is already home to three million Afghans,” the border official said.”

Afghan officials in Nangahar province “have not spoken about the incident.” according to Pajhwok. And the next border crossing between the two central Asian nations is at Chama some 508 miles to the south. To take this escape route would require the refugees to either cross the harsh mountainous terrain on foot or horseback or following the roads: pass back through Taliban-held Jalalabad, Kabul, Ghazni, and Kandahar. For those just starting out from Kabul, Chaman is almost double the distance from Kabul, 370 miles compared to just 180 to Torkham. Chaman saw four times the typical number of border crossings as the Taliban took control.

Breitbart reported that Al Jazeera sent reporters to Chaman,

“Thousands crowded through a newly installed passage for Afghan travellers[sic] into Pakistan at Chaman, with people directed through a wire-link fence topped with barbed wire from the international border to a transportation hub located less than a kilometre[sic] away,”

“Many of those gathered at the border told Al Jazeera that they were there to receive relatives who had been released from Afghan prisons by the Taliban,”

It should be noted that Al Jazeera, as an outlet funded by the Qatari Emirs should be taken with a grain of salt, but this reporting appears to be legitimate.


Doors Are Closing For Stranded Americans and Afghan Civilians

With the Torkham crossing closed and the Chaman crossing under Taliban control, with the radical Islamist terrorists no longer allowing Americans to reach Hamid Karzai Afghanistan International Airport unmolested or in many cases at all.

The exits are rapidly closing for the estimated 250 American citizens still very much stranded in-country according to The Hill. Despite what Jen Psaki and the Biden-Harris regime claim, if the only way out is an airplane that you can’t get to and no one is coming to extract you then there are several words for that situation in the English language, “stranded” is just one of them. Here are a few others: Stuck, Trapped, Screwed-over, Pinned-Down, Abandoned, and Betrayed.


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