People are Fleeing from the Democratic Party in Droves, GOP Looks to Sweep Elections With HUGE Landslides

Even progressives want someone to answer the phone when they call 911, so the GOP expects to sweep the November elections with YUGE landslides as voters demand law and order. What’s happening in Wisconsin could be the start of a major trend. Liberals are fleeing the Democrat Party in droves, chased out by the anarchists in the street.

Law and order GOP gets landslide of liberal support

The riots have hit home for Kenosha, Wisconsin, voters. Traditionally loyal Democrats are beginning to awake from their socialist slumber. With anarchy raging in the streets, residents fear for their lives. Many work in businesses which rioters burned to the ground. Arson victims who have the resources to rebuild will think twice about staying in liberal run cities. The GOP is grinning from ear-to-ear.


It’s crystal clear that Republican leadership won’t tolerate the leftist anarchy. The GOP considers the looting and arson to be the work of domestic terrorists while liberal city and state elected officials ignore the law and march shoulder to shoulder with the children of darkness.

The mass migration of liberal lemmings is already happening in other globalist friendly places like Portland, New York and Seattle. GOP led states like Florida and Texas will be happy to welcome liberal entrepreneurs with perks like no income tax. For progressives, a move from Minnesota to Texas would be like giving themselves a raise.

Desperate need to restore law and order

Kenosha, Wisconsin, set the scene of the riots which were shown on the split screen along with Vice President Mike Pence, as he delivered scathing remarks about the anarchy in American streets and the desperate need to restore law and order. In 2016, it was a tight battle but voters picked Donald Trump. With Democrats jumping ship as their last hope to keep their homes from being burned to the ground, the GOP is doing jumping jacks.


A Trump victory in Minnesota and Wisconsin would virtually clinch the election for the GOP. If that happened, Trump “could lose Pennsylvania and Michigan and still retain his office,” pundits predict. In Kenosha, the voters still feel scorched after “rioters have set the city on fire.” Even the Democrat residents of Wisconsin are worried that if the radicals “follow the lead in other cities, residential areas could be next.”

Moderate Democrats are finally waking up to the fact that it’s the radical liberals who are causing all the violence. Despite all efforts to drag the violent right-wing groups into the fray, all the major conservatives are carefully watching from the sidelines. If liberals want to burn their cities to the ground let them. If they want anarchy they can have it. If they want to wake up and get the police and fire departments doing their jobs again, the GOP will welcome their votes with open arms.


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