The Supreme Court Issues A MAJOR Second Amendment Ruling…

The Supreme Court has officially ruled that Americans have a fundamental right to carry a handgun in public, in a landmark decision.

This 6-3 ruling eliminates the more than century-old New York law that had required an individual to provide a legitimate reasoning for self-defense in order to receive a permit to carry a concealed weapon outside of their own home.

The opinion asserts that the 2nd and 14th amendments “protect an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home.”

Justice Clarence Thomas references two previous gun cases in the Court’s opinion:

“In this case, petitioners and respondents agree that ordinary, law-abiding citizens have a similar right to carry handguns publicly for their self-defense. We too agree, and now hold, consistent with Heller and McDonald, that the Second and Fourteenth Amendments protect an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home,”

“Because the State of New York issues public-carry licenses only when an applicant demonstrates a special need for self-defense, we conclude that the State’s licensing regime violates the Constitution.”

New York’s conceal carry law was very strict and dependent on the officials who had approved it, which made the process to obtain a permit incredibly challenging. The majority’s argument stated that the Second Amendment should not be held to a lower standard when compared to the other rights.

Thomas defined “sensitive places” in New York as any location “where people typically congregate and where law-enforcement and other public-safety professionals are presumptively available. We do think respondents err in their attempt to characterize New York’s proper-cause requirement as a ’sensitive-place’ law,”  Thomas wrote.

Thomas argued that this concept is excessively inclusive.

Simply put, he commented, “There is no historical basis for New York to effectively declare the island of Manhattan a “sensitive place” because it is crowded and generally protected by the New York City Police Department.”

Government officials are not allowed to infringe upon the right to publicly carry a firearm for self-defense, as the Second Amendment isn’t a “second-class right” determined by government permission.

Most importantly, as stated by Thomas, it is also not a right only to be exercised “after demonstrating to government officials some special needs.”

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Sources: Westernjournal, Indy100, Deseret


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