Biden and the Vanishing $6 Trillion

Something the Biden-Harris regime and the Democrat-Socialists in Congress really hate is when someone calls them out for their astonishing grifting and corruption with trillions of dollars vanishing…and they bring the receipts. Much to their mutual horror, Congressman Jason Smith, representing the people of Missouri. Rep. Smith appeared on Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria” and revealed that he has sent DOZENS of letters to the Whitehouse requesting in his Congressional Oversight role that the President account for the $6 Trillion in ‘Coronavirus relief money‘ that has been spent so far. To date, Smith has received absolutely no response. “Crickets” Smith described the response to Bartiromo.

“We have sent 35 letters to the administration asking for accounting of the roughly $6 trillion of COVID money that’s been spent and it’s been crickets, but what we have discovered is not any good. ”

“The $2 trillion that was spent back in March, the package that they said that was for COVID relief, you know Maria, less than nine percent actually went towards COVID spending and COVID relief, but that other 91%. It went to crazy items, $2 million to plant trees in Syracuse or $4 million for a parking lot in South Carolina, $1,400 to Japanese citizens in Japan, checks to prisoners, $16 million for a golf course in Palm Beach,” he said.

“It’s ridiculous, but what Biden did do out of $2 billion that was appropriated that was supposed to go towards COVID testing and to replenish the strategic stockpile, he sent that to the border to house illegal immigrants. It’s absolutely reckless what this administration is doing, Maria,”

In the letter which has been sent 35 TIMES, to Biden, Smith is co-signed by GOP leaders on the Energy and Commerce Committee and Ways & Means Committee Rep. Cathy Rogers and Rep. Kevin Brady respectively. The findings of Congressman Smith in as laid out in the letter are absolutely galling and highly disturbing, even worse though is the complete lack of response from a Whitehouse that believes they are above accountability.

Smith wrote,

“Recent reports and comments made by your own Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) strongly suggest that your Administration will request billions of dollars more from Congress in the name of combatting COVID-19. While referencing an unspent $10 billion for COVID-19 testing, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, said, “Are we going to have more than $10 billion worth of needs and costs? … there’s a strong chance we will.” Additionally, he predicted your Administration would be requesting more funds from Congress, stating: “The president said we’ve got to stay ahead of this, so we don’t want to be asking Congress for money after we know we need it.”

The $6 Trillion Vanishing Act – Waste and Graft

Congressman smith detailed the unbelievable corruption, waste, and preferential misdirection of funds, known in the old days as “graft” in his lengthy letter, he wrote:

  • “The state of New York’s budget included a $2.1 billion fund for direct checks to illegal immigrants—suspiciously the exact amount of additional federal dollars they received from ARPA.
  • On April 15, 2021, it was reported the Governor of New Jersey was considering using ARPA dollars to create a $40 million fund for the state’s 460,000 illegal immigrants.
  • Syracuse, New York approved a plan to spend $2 million of ARPA funds for planting new trees.
  • The city of Chicago decided to spend $31 million to create a guaranteed income program in Chicago and the city of Philadelphia planned to test a universal basic income pilot program with $18 million from ARPA.
  • New luxury apartments developed in Norwich, Connecticut were funded by ARPA dollars.
  • Thousands of convicted inmates in Michigan were sent $3,200 stimulus checks, paid for by ARPA.
  • New parking lots and bathrooms have been planned at a South Carolina beach—the $4 million price tag covered by ARPA.
  • Palm Beach Gardens, Florida tapped $16.8 million of ARPA dollars for a new taxpayer-funded golf course, driving range, and clubhouse.”

The state of California even received “over $26 billion in federal aid despite having a massive $75.7 billion budget surplus.”

Absolutely none of these facts are in dispute, they are all on public record. And yet…crickets… are you getting it yet? We have a runaway, authoritarian Presidency upheld by a radical leftist Congress with no interest in holding them in check. Nothing will change unless this government is unseated in November 2022. Congressman Smith can be forgiven for looking a little tired on Maria Bartiromo’s show, running into this level of government fraud and corruption could make anyone lose some sleep.

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