Jon Turley, Constitutional Expert, Shreds the Insurrection Narrative

When Jonathan Turley talks about the Constitution, E.F. Hutton listens. He insists that prosecutors are going to have an uphill battle getting convictions against deplorable Trump supporters. The cases are flowing through the courts now, with hundreds accused of breaking into the U.S. Capitol. Some were arrested for “just being there.” Calling the barbarian invasion an “insurrection” simply isn’t going to fly.

Turley punctures prosecution

Jonathan Turley poked a bunch of holes in prosecution theories. What happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 may have been a riot but that’s nothing new. Black Lives Matter™ and their Antifa® allies got away with that all year long.

“The question is whether you can have an insurrection without anyone actually insurrecting.” World Net Daily points out that his “Zen-like question may find its way into the hearings of some pending cases.”


Turley made the comments after hearing the news that the FBI couldn’t find any “grand scheme by Trump supporters to attack the Capitol that day.” Once and Future President Donald Trump didn’t start it and neither did Alex Jones or any of the other high profile conservative figures active in D.C. that day.

On the contrary, the deplorable-in-chief “urged his supporters to protest ‘peacefully at the Capitol.”

Turley is well aware that the handful of “QAnon” followers were coaxed into action by whoever hides behind the Guy Fawkes mask. Some say that it’s the FBI in disguise, grooming unstable domestic terrorists into acting on “Q” whenever and wherever they’re needed.


“A handful of people broke doors and windows to enter the Capitol and some Joe Biden supporters who weren’t even in the building, but were in other nearby locations in Washington, claimed they feared for their lives.”

A “fiery but mostly peaceful protest.”

Scant evidence of a plot

Nancy Pelosi wants to make a big deal over the “death toll.” As Turley explains, several “people did die, mostly from natural causes. One Trump supporter was shot and killed by a policy officer.”

“One officer died of natural cases the next day and several more committed suicide in the following months.” The security forces falling on their swords to keep the silence says volumes.

Until the Biden failure in Afghanistan pushed it out of the papers, everyone was reporting that the FBI report found “scant evidence of an organized plot.” They don’t have a single shred of evidence. The “violence was not centrally coordinated by far-right groups or Trump supporters.”

In his column, Turley “pointed out Democrats and other leftists have made that claim – that the event was an actual ‘insurrection,’ for months now.” It’s not fair and the palace needs to be hit with one of those multi-billion dollar defamation suits over it.

“When protests by Black Lives Matter and other groups turned violent last summer, the media was expressly told not to refer to ‘rioters’ but rather ‘protesters.’ Riots causing massive property damage were described by CNN as ‘fiery but mostly peaceful protests,'” Turley wrote.

“Conversely, the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol could not be just a riot, let alone a ‘fiery’ protest, but only an ‘insurrection.’ Many in the media continue to awkwardly refer to ‘the insurrectionists’ rather than the rioters. National Public Radio even ran a running account of the ‘Capitol Insurrection.’ The term was further driven home by House Democrats by impeaching President Trump for ‘incitement to insurrection’ despite undermining any chance for an actual conviction.”

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