While You’re Focused on Afghanistan, Here is What Biden’s Doing Quietly

On August 24th, Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson alerted the American people of a serious breach within the Republican Party that has been occurring quietly while the public has been otherwise distracted by the ongoing outrage of the Afghanistan debacle. In a four and a half minute long closing monologue Tucker laid out a cold-hard case that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a key member of the Senate Judiciary Committee has been the pivotal vote, siding with Democrats against his own party in confirming nine of Biden’s so-far thirty-three Judiciary nominations. At least two of those nominees are nothing short of rabidly insane leftist activists.

Biden’s Been Stacking The Circuit Courts Quietly With Lindsey Graham’s Help

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson explained, citing Biden nominees like Myrna Perez, director of the Brennan Center’s Voting Rights and Elections Program who has railed against Voter ID laws for over a decade.

“It turns out the Biden administration has been completely remaking the federal judiciary as the rest of us have been focused on Afghanistan. In just the past three months, without many people noticing it at all the administration has gotten on the remarkable number of its judges through. Joe Biden has nominated thirty-three of them and nine of those judges have already been confirmed and many more soon will follow.”

“No president in the past 40 years has come close to these numbers in his first term. Many of these judges and Biden administration will admit this, are full-blown political activists. They’re not jurists, they’re left-wing ideologues, like Myrna Perez who Joe Biden has appointed to one of the most important courts in the country the second circuit court of appeals. Myrna has spent the last 15 years campaigning against voter ID laws. Anyone who wants voter ID according to Perez must be a racist.”

Carlson then went on to explain that Graham hasn’t voted even once to reject a Biden nominee, and described Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson as a vehemently anti-Trump Judge who wrote opinions describing the President as “an illegal monarch”.

“This is hardly an isolated case. Lindsey Graham is the only Republican on the judiciary committee who has not voted to reject a single judge the Biden administration has proposed, no matter how crazy they are. For procedural reasons and a senate split 50/50, Lindsey Graham’s support matters very much. Senate aides tell us that because of Lindsey Graham, one man, the Biden administration is able to rush its nominees through the Senate confirmation process faster than any other president in memory.

The most radical president of our lifetime gets the most judges confirmed thanks to Lindsey Graham.”

“Those nominees include someone that many Democrats hope to see in the supreme court soon. That would be an activist, called Ketanji Brown-Jackson, Jackson is a former trial judge who spent the last four years writing political orders for the benefit of Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi. For example, Brown once wrote an opinion comparing the previous administration to an illegal monarchy. The decision was so crazy that the D.C. Court of appeals which leans to the left reversed it not once but twice. But it was good enough for Lindsey Graham who voted in favor of Brown’s confirmation.”

“Carlson went on to challenge Graham to come on his show “We have asked him many times to come on the show but he refuses because he’s afraid. And that’s a shame, that would be a very interesting, fact-based conversation.”

He Knows Where The Wind Is Blowing

To call Graham a fair-weather Republican is an understatement, the man is a consummate opportunist, in the last few days he’s been pivoting to vociferously calling for the (incredibly unlikely) impeachment of Joe Biden.

Why?  Because its’ great red meat for the less informed among the Republican Party and the GOP near-universally agree that Biden and Harris should both be impeached. Unfortunately its’ astronomically unlikely with a Democrat-controlled House and a narrowly divided Senate.

So it’s a nice, safe option for him to throw down and try to work his way back into his party’s good graces, but its’ ultimately harmless to the Democrats so they’re not likely to mind much. Many felt that under the Trump administration we were seeing something of a ‘reformed’ Lindsey Graham who would fight for conservative values, but alas, no. The only value that Graham fights for, is his own.

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