Chris Wallace Shocking Announcement About Joe Biden

Chris Wallace moderated the first presidential debate and continuously interrupted President Donald Trump and sided with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden time and time again.

Wallace Does it Again

Many Republicans were furious with the Democrat moderator who made clear by his actions that he was a Biden super fan.

When it came to the final debate on Thursday, Wallace had opinions on who did better and his answers were anything but shocking.

Wallace said “I think it was a good debate. A good substantive debate. Two competing visions for the Country.

Wallace continued  “I thought that Biden had many more specific plans, whether it came to COVID, whether it came to handle climate change, whether it came to how to handle health care.”


Jealousy is Unbecoming

When it came to the final debate, the bias Fox News analysis said he was jealous he didn’t moderate that one.

“Well, first of all, I’m jealous,” he said on Fox News during the network’s live coverage of the event. “I would have liked to have been able to moderate that debate.” 

President Trump has been up against top politicians going on witch hunts against him, the mainstream media slandering the airways with fake news, and people like Wallace teaming up against him when they are supposed to be impartial.

“I guess I’m debating you,” Trump told Wallace at one point during the first debate.

It became clear in the first debate in September that the president was in fact having to debate two people.

Biden had gone into hiding for several days before the debate and right around the time the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was breaking.

Wallace found it odd and commented on it on Wednesday, a day before the final debate.

“I’ve never seen that before and certainly not in the two weeks before the election,” said Wallace.

Trump’s Fight Against the Left

One thing is clear from the last almost four years, Democrats have not made it easy on President Trump and if he is re-elected it seems very plausible they will only continue to make it harder for him to advance his goals.

  1. Biden’s plan for the Wuhan Red Death is to do what Trump did, only Better and tell people that they were going to die. That while recovery is still at 99%.

  2. wallace, your a typical biased Lib. You took every opportunity to help biden and shaft Trump. Your just a worthless Jackass who the normal people have zero respect for. You’d be better off moving into bidens basement as the normal people are sick and tired of hearing your sickening voice. GO away idiot!

  3. Wallace was terrible in the first debate. His bias and bad temper reflected during the entire session. He is an advocate for the left and should be on CNN and their “partners” going forward. He is unable to be objective/fair so why consider him to narrate a debate between two opposing candidates. Completely unfair.

    1. I suggest that Chris never be allowed to moderate another debate of any kind. And I’ve promised myself never to watch FOX again. It is really pitiful what they have become.

  4. I watched Chris Wallace when he first came to Fox.
    I no longer watch him, he has become so biased. He should go to CNN

    A non journalist as the majority of the MSM= MARXIST SCREAMING MEDIA MAGGOTS
    ARE .

  6. They fight trimp cause they don’t like our country and want to change it to their likings . Their no longer Americans in the term of being true Americans . They don’t want the country fixed or to be great again . It doesn’t fit their agenda as delusional democrats . They are the new enemies of our country and are working from within . What happened to the delusional democrats ? They used to be true America’s with honor. But now they try to break our country for what ever reason of theirs . No honor , no faith or hope with them in power . They shame the memory of those that went befor them with honor for the true people of America . Now it’s all about the power to control us . I no longer vote delusional democrat cause of their way of corruption in this time of history . No more honor in the party . Not since they put bat shit crazy women in power that can’t handle the power of office . They took the left side of the road for the corruption and the devil’s work . Instead of holding the office to better the country for the people instead of for themself’s . With these new ones in office were doomed

  7. Chris Wallace is more than wilfully blind – Wallace is a Leftist propagandist – that’s like a male prostitute who performs for pay..

  8. IMO, demented Joe Biden lost the debate in spite of having all his questions for weeks before the debate as well as having the answers and spending a few weeks rehearsing them in order to be in the debate. No one saw him get the questions like they did when Hillary got them, but you can bet your bottom dollar that he had them, and even then Trump made him look like the idiot that he is.

  9. Wallace you are a fake news liar with no credibility. Your actions at the 1st debate were inexcusable. It is lying journalist prostitutes like you that causes me to favor occupational licensing to practice journalism.

  10. Chris Wallace you are the worst moderator I’ve ever seen in my 65 years. You were definitely one sided. You were Biden’s partner in the debate helping him along. It was pitiful and disgusting. Nobody should ever ask you to moderate again.

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