Video of Biden Emerges, Veterans PISSED

Patriotic American veterans are totally pissed at what Joe Biden thinks of them. A classic video from 2016 just resurfaced showing how Joe Biden really feels about our men and women in uniform. “Clap for that, you stupid bastards” he ordered. He can’t blame his incipient Alzheimer’s for that one, he really meant it.

What Biden thinks of Veterans

While President Trump had American forces worldwide fired up to vote for him, Joe Biden had one of his low key sessions with the troops, who acted like they couldn’t wait to get back to something interesting, even if it meant facing hostile gunfire.

A classic video from 2016 is making the rounds of the interweb in response to a fake propaganda piece put out by extremist left-wing publication the Atlantic. In it he makes some incredibly disparaging remarks about the soldiers in his audience. Veterans are furious.


Since his one liners weren’t going over so well with the troops, who looked like they were about to fall asleep, Biden insisted how he had “incredibly good judgment.” He just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

“I have incredibly good judgment. One, I married Jill, and two, I appointed Johnson to the academy. I just want you to know that. Clap for that, you stupid bastards.” He never thought he might need backing from veterans some day.

Biden campaign mouthpiece Andrew Bates admits the video is real. It wasn’t deep faked, Creepy Joe was just trying to be funny. “Vice President Biden was jokingly encouraging the audience to clap.”


Veterans don’t take kindly to be called “you bastards.” Besides that, he clearly wasn’t joking when he followed up the first gaffe by calling the service members “a dull bunch,” adding that they “must be slow.” That’s what he considers “words of encouragement.”

Since he wants to talk about offspring

If he wants to start talking about things like offspring and legitimacy, there are lots of Americans who want to quiz him deeply about what his coke addict son Hunter Biden was up to in the Ukraine, while taking money from China.

Veterans can tell the difference between a video which clearly shows Biden’s disdain for men and women in uniform and a hit job propaganda story put together by a liberal magazine.

Andrew Bates may well have been the mastermind behind the Atlantic article. When it came out, he went psycho over it. An anonymous source told a fictional tale “which has now been discredited by more than 14 witnesses,” that “President Trump referred to fallen soldiers as ‘losers’ and ‘suckers'” Even Politifact would mark that as false. Veterans are still fuming over the obvious put-up job.

Bates knew the article was a total lie but that didn’t stop him from pimping it around. “If what is written in The Atlantic is true, it’s disgusting.” Well, Andy, it isn’t true. Veterans are smart enough to see the truth with their own two eyes and a video beats an anonymously sourced Atlantic article any day of the week.

  1. This derogatory statement by Biden about the troops didn’t surface because the faux news media of our country chose to not air it because they knew it was not going to benefit their chosen candidate! There are still many people out there who voted, fat, dumb & happy, for Biden/Harris last week who know NOTHING of the Hunter Biden play for pay scandal that involved “the big guy” being crooked Joe Biden! Until we find a way to change the media back to a fact based NON- BIASED entity, we will continue to be trying to educate the ignorant voting public through some other means.

  2. The dumb ass’s that voted for Biden make me laugh . I hear so many of them crying about what they will or wont get for fixing votes for Biden . there’s the BLM wanting something big for their help in fixing votes , then the troops are mad and crying about biden lieing about them . Then you have the state of California crying about the far left even tho they all voted them in office again . F#ck yall , you dumb ass’s are getting what you asked for . Y’all f#cking the hole country cause of ya stupid thinking . The do nothing delusional democrats never change , what the hell were you thinking this time around . Are yall like them bitchs on jerry springer show … but I love him , he will change … no matter how shitty they treat you ??? Are yall really that stupid ??? Now yall get to sit in a 3rd world shit hole country yall help make . Good job dumb ass’s … remember … he’s now your president , HE WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT . The fool can’t remember what he’s running for or against who . it’s not for the Senate and it’s not against george . The fool doesn’t know any better , but you did . so eat shit and die for the next 4 years . After all its your fault DUMB ASS’S

    1. Biden didn’t win anything, moron. his election won’t be decided until all the litigation is settled and the it will fall on the 12th amendment which means a Trump min!

    2. Easy now. None of the states have certified the votes yet. I agree those that voted for crooked Joe Bribe’em are just stupid.

  3. Creepy Joe certainly lacks any standing to be calling other people “dull.” However, taking some of his name calling objectively, it actually is a true portrayal of some of the soldiers I have known. I was in the Army, most of the time in the active reserve component, for more than a decade. I observed a lot of people and a lot of deeds that really were not very smart. In the regular Army especially, that was very frequently the case. For example, directives to stand at parade rest by one’s field jacket and helmet neatly folded and stacked on the ground whilst shivering in the cold. One of the basic facts of Army life that I was taught immediately upon arrival at the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia back in ’82 was that stupidity and cruelty were cardinal Army virtues. That instruction started by example even before getting off the bus. I do not think that the wheels completely stopped before some stupid drill sergeant started yelling at us. We had not had any time or opportunity to do anything before that. In Desert Shield/Storm, my company was habitually mismanaged and jacked around by battalion and possibly higher authorities. It seemed that every kind of harassment, Mickey Mouse pettiness, and malicious persecution and entrapment scheme was given precedence over everything else up to and including winning the bloody war. I am sure that there were both stupid people and bastards at all levels. Probably bastardy was more prevalent at the low ranks, and stupid was more evenly distributed.

  4. All Democraps HATE the Military. The ones who HATE the Military most are the ones who once were in. They sell out for money and power.

  5. Biden’s 47 years in office was a do nothing but line own pocketbooks illegally
    Family of Biden all us the BIDEN LABEL to hang on that coat tails
    Now if top gun was put down then all the bye~den will abandon ship…maybe
    Unless there is a real definite punishment for treason and abuses
    LOCK THE BIDENS UP JOE,HUNTER and the fringes

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