Domestic Terrorists Attack Republicans Home Where Children Where Present

Conservative South Carolina lawmaker Nancy Mace had her castle invaded and defaced by domestic terrorist vandals over Memorial Day weekend. While her children helplessly cowered in fear, brainless barbarians armed with spray paint left behind a trail of Antifa®-brand vulgarity. The police, of course, were nowhere to be found.

Clearly domestic terror

The furious lawmaker took to twitter venting her frustration with liberal anarchists.

“In the early morning hours of Memorial Day, my home, where I’m raising my two children, was vandalized with Antifa® symbols and profanity. Although my kids and I are thankfully fine, these criminal acts are unacceptable no matter your politics.” Peaceful “protest” these days has become synonymous with domestic terrorism. “A burning and a looting tonight…” Bob Marley would say.

Every patriotic American is encouraged to be personally involved in political issues of the day, and to contact their elected officials to voice their views on pending legislation.

The proper way to do that is by phone, email, or letter. Not spray painting “pass the pro act” across a congress member’s garage door. Apparently that was the only legitimate message the illiterate domestic terrorists could come up with.


The rest were commentary and opinion, such as, “no God, no masters.”

Yeah, anarchy like that worked great in the wild west for domestic terrorists like Billy the Kid and the Dalton Gang. For a while, until guys like Wyatt Earp came along bringing law, order, civilization and prosperity again.

Not all… but some?

Since every single social media post needs to be fact checked these days for accuracy, even the ones posted in spray paint by domestic terrorists, The GOP Times gives one statement a “partly true” rating. “All politicians are bleepards.” It’s rare for all of any class to be the same and there are good politicians who uphold their oaths of office, while at the same time, there are many who are in it for their own benefit.

Not all politicians are bleepards but enough are that this one gets to grease by on good intentions. The balance of the statements were nothing but rude vulgarity not worth mentioning.


Representative Mace is a single mom and she deserves to be able to raise her children in peace. Isn’t that why her taxes pay law enforcement to enforce laws? The only problem is that those laws aren’t being enforced. The taxpayers aren’t getting what they pay for and should demand action about it.

“I’m a single mom and this is where I’m raising my family. Rhetoric has reached, I think, an all-time high. And we’ve got to take it down a notch because real words have real consequences on real people in real life.” This she says, goes way too far. “It’s such a violation of one’s privacy.” Domestic terrorism should not be sanctioned by city officials.

As Ms. Mace points out, “it doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are or your political affiliation, everyone should feel safe in their own home.” The domestic terrorists who attacked hers got away scot free too. It’s unsettling “to have someone trespass onto your property and deface it in such a vile manner.” Which her kids had to see. “It’s awful and it also goes to show that Antifa® isn’t just an ideology, you know, as some want to call it.” She’s right.

“These are real people with criminal intent. There was Antifa® graffiti with this. [They] wreaked havoc across the United States and my house is just the latest casualty.” She had enough. “I’m not going to live in fear, and I’m not going to allow folks to treat people in our community this way. It’s not OK.”

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