HUGE National Security Threat Emerges

Not only was the election rigged by globalists to forcibly remove the rightfully elected president, it turns out that there was a huge national security threat involved as well. China may have had a back door to the Dominion voting equipment. Whether it was used or not is something which needs to be investigated, if Americans are expected to trust election integrity ever again.

A threat to national security

An amazingly huge threat to America’s national security was uncovered which indicates that the equipment used to record, count, and verify ballots in this year’s hotly contested election could have been accessed by China.

Maybe even on election night. The only way to find out for sure one way or the other is to tear the machines apart and do a thorough forensic audit. Modems made by a company owned by Chinese interests “are attached to Dominion machines.”

Documents obtained and shared publicly by Gateway Pundit reveal that Edevice CellGo cellular modems are standard equipment for Dominion devices.

The cost of the suspected threat modems are “listed in a inventory of equipment needed for Calhoun County Michigan.” Based on the information already publicly available not a single one of these machines should ever be used in an election. Any election, anywhere. For some strange reason nobody wants to do a full investigation even though nobody believes the results.

For some strange reason, election officials are rushing to certify questionable results which don’t add up mathematically. A simple look to see if the “port seal” was broken would indicate that the equipment had been fraudulently used.

Even the courts are forgetting their duties under the constitution. The threat that the election was rigged is very real but nobody wants to accept the growing mountain of evidence.

Communicate with a central server

The questionable modems reportedly “communicate with a central reporting server.” That’s a big threat because it lets “an individual remotely to access, monitor and perhaps manipulate the voting machines and data on a real-time basis.”

Why won’t anybody look into it? Because it would prove the globalist Democrats cheated and really lost the election in a Trumpslide. Nobody said a word back in September 2016, when Edevice was purchased by a Chinese company.

$106 million changed hands for “a US subsidiary of Tianjin’s Andon Group,” iHealth to gain title to the French company and all of it’s proprietary equipment. Allegedly they need it for “mobile health monitoring devices.” Not many people know that the same equipment is widely used in election equipment.

The threat of Chinese espionage and meddling has quietly lurked for years. Based out of Mountain View, California, iHealth “offers basic healthcare monitoring devices and an iOS smartphone app to keep patients connected.” That sounds harmless enough, right?

Two years ago, “iHealth raised $25 million from Xiaomi Ventures, a China electronics company.” According to official 2020 U.S. election documents, the “listener” part of the system “uses a EMS Server and cellular modem to list, report, delete, and backup all the precincts results.”

So not only could election personnel in the United States access and alter election data, the Chinese Communist Party could have been watching the whole thing in real time and making changes of their own.

It’s a significant threat to the integrity of every election in America past, present, and future. Americans are never going to accept these results. As General Michael Flynn suggests, it’s time for a do-over run by the military under martial law.

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