House Oversight Committee Puts Target on Biden Team Member

Joe Biden’s personal doctor, Kevin O’Connor, reportedly joined Parkinson’s Disease specialist Kevin Cannard for at least one seven hour meeting at the White House. When James Comer heard the news, he got angry enough to haul O’Connor up on Capitol Hill for a good grilling. The House Oversight Committee already had him on their radar. Long before the presidential debate threw Joe Biden’s mental fitness into the spotlight, Comer and his crew were investigating O’Connor as part of the impeachment investigation. It seems that James Biden, the president’s brother, “had asked for O’Connor’s help in 2017 in connection to his work with Americore.” There may be a conflict of interest regarding his recent reassurance that Joe’s fully able to handle his duties and responsibilities.

Doctor has an interest

It appears that Doctor Kevin O’Connor has a small conflict of interest problem. His business relationship with the Biden family may be influencing his official medical judgment.

That’s why House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer “is requesting President Biden’s physician to give a transcribed interview in connection with the committee’s investigation into Biden’s family.

In his letter to the doctor dated Sunday, July 7, Comer notes he’s “concerned your medical assessments have been influenced by your private business endeavors with the Biden family.” He included a clipping from the Washington Post which “reported O’Connor has never recommended the president take a cognitive test.

That’s a little hard to swallow considering Joe’s debate performance. His other public appearances haven’t been much better and his own staff admits he’s only lucid from around 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

Comer spelled it out in small words even Democrats can understand. “After a concerning debate performance by President Biden against former President Donald Trump on June 27, journalists have rushed to report on what Americans have seen plainly for years: the President appears unwell.

The doctor laid his professional license on the line by putting in writing that Joe’s fully fit for duty.

It seems that James Biden, the president’s brother, “had asked for O’Connor’s help in 2017 in connection to his work with Americore.”

Ability to lead the country

Americans, Comer writes, “question President Biden’s ability to lead the country.” His committee does, too. That’s why they’re “investigating circumstances surrounding your assessment in February of this year that ‘President Biden is a healthy, active, robust 81-year-old-male, who remains fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency,” Americans can see for themselves that’s a crock of fertilizer.

You have repeatedly refused most interview requests from the media, and the Committee now turns to you to provide answers regarding your independence because of the mixed and confused messaging coming from the White House regarding the President’s ability to perform his job.” Most agree if the doctor can’t see Joe’s unfit, then he’s either not very good or being paid off.

Speaking of being paid off, Comer also has a bunch of questions for O’Connor about Joe’s brother James and his “Americore” interests. As politico reported, “on top of Joe Biden’s own previously reported encounter with the firm’s CEO, at least three of Joe Biden’s relatives did work with Americore.

They include “Jim Biden’s wife, Sara, and his son, Jamie. The president’s son, Hunter Biden also met with its CEO, and his personal doctor — current White House physician Kevin O’Connor — joined a meeting with Jim Biden and the president of a hospital being acquired by Americore, according to a former executive and emails obtained by POLITICO.

Comer is saving that for the hearing. He heard what Joe Biden had to say about having a “cognitive test every single day.” Most Americans are convinced that they prove his senility more than they debunk it. Comer wants Doctor O’Connor to bring along all of Joe’s medical records to refer back to under oath, and also bring along every document he has “related to Americore Health and James Biden.” He also gave a preview of what to expect.

Given your connections with the Biden family, the Committee also seeks to understand if you are in a position to provide accurate and independent reviews of the President’s fitness to serve.” He has until July 14 to schedule his interview. If he doesn’t, they’ll schedule it for him and have him dragged to it in chains if necessary. The House found out they have “inherent” contempt powers to do just that and they’re itching to use them.

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