Trump Furious

Explosive Trump News Has Biden Team Panicking

Donald Trump has been on fire, and not just from the debate.

Ever since Trump’s conviction and the narrowing of the GOP field, the money has been flowing for Trump.

So much so that Trump now has more cash in the bank than Joe Biden.

Money Drying Up

Trump raised a massive $331 million in the second quarter.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, only raised about $264 million, giving Trump a $67 million edge for the quarter.

Trump now also has more money on hand than Biden, with nearly $285 million in the bank to Biden’s $240 million.

And Biden’s war chest is about to take a major hit. Biden is reportedly about to make a massive ad spend to try to gain some momentum after the debate debacle.

Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, Trump’s senior campaign advisers, stated, “President Trump’s campaign fundraising operation is thriving day after day and month after month.

“Winning this quarter brought us a cash-on-hand advantage, which is punctuated by a Biden burn rate that grows while yielding no tangible results for them.

“Despite Biden spending nearly $120 million on tv, cable and radio alone, polling and voter enthusiasm continue to grow for President Trump.

“This fundraising momentum is likely to grow even more as we head into a world-class convention and see the Democrats continue their circular firing squad in the aftermath of Biden’s debate collapse.”

This is literally it for Biden and he knows it.

If this big spend cannot flip the momentum back, it is hard to imagine him having any chance of beating Trump in November.

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