House Democrats Fast-Track More EBT and SNAP Slush Instead of Focusing on Stimulus

As of late Tuesday night, the Democrat-controlled House approved a stopgap bill to avoid an end of the month shutdown with a 359-57-1.

Democrats Make a Ruckus for More Money

Radical socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refused to vote with a yes or not, but rather responded with “present.”

Earlier on the voting day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Democrats had reached a deal with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

This was in an effort to avoid a government shutdown but also to give the government more funding with a continuing resolution through December 11.

The House Passed, But Will the Senate

The Republican majority Senate will probably vote on it by next week and it is expected to pass in that chamber also, ABC News reported.

If it does manage to pass in both chambers of Congress, it will go to President Donald Trump’s desk for his signature.

In order to keep U.S. government agencies open, the stopgap measure has to be passed by October 1.

The deal would increase the resolution for food and nutritional assistance programs by $8 billion.

“We have reached an agreement with Republicans on the CR to add nearly $8 billion in desperately needed nutrition assistance for hungry school children and families,” Pelosi said in a statement. “We also increase accountability in the Commodity Credit Corporation, preventing funds for farmers from being misused for a Big Oil bailout.”

“To help the millions of families struggling to keep food on the table during the pandemic, Democrats have renewed the vital, expiring lifeline of Pandemic EBT for a full year and enabled our fellow Americans in the territories to receive this critical nutrition assistance,” she continued. “Democrats secured urgently needed assistance for schoolchildren to receive meals despite the coronavirus’s disruption of their usual schedules, whether virtual or in-person and expanded Pandemic EBT access for young children in child care. We also extended key flexibility for states to lower administrative requirements on SNAP for families in the middle of this crisis.”

Dems Ignore Hard-Working Americans

It is very clear that Democrats do not want a strong economy, because that would reflect positively on President Trump. So instead of putting effort into stimulus checks, House Democrats want more money for those who don’t contribute much to the economy or the betterment of society.

  1. Yea that’s it keep paying the dumb ass’s out rioting and burning so they can live while looting and killing . Don’t sign that bill president trump . Don’t pay the dumb ass’s out there fighting to destroy our country . Let them go home and get jobs to take them off the streets . No pay for play .

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