Whoa…2 Murdered and Dozens Injured, Biden Team SILENT

Disturbing reports from Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar (formerly Burma) state that Police opened fire on protestors Saturday leaving at least two dead. The Biden Whitehouse is Silent.

Since the coup on February 1st there have been rumors abounding of massive military presence in the streets of Myanmar with violent, severe crackdowns against any protests or demonstrations against the military junta currently in control.

According to NewsHourFirst,


“Despite the Burmese version of the National Guard patrolling the streets for deplorable anti-government protesters, “mass rallies have continued to grow over the past two weeks.”

The “very large military presence in the streets” includes armored vehicles. The latest “declaration of martial law based on ’emergency powers’ of the military” has been “in effect for at least one year.”


Nikkei Asia reports that “Of the two dead, one protester was shot in the head, according to Reuters. The other was shot in the chest, the report said.”

“Twenty people were injured and two are dead,” said Ko Aung, a leader of the Parahita Darhi volunteer emergency service, told Reuters.
“Two people were killed and about 30 others injured,” AFP reported, citing Hlaing Min Oo, the head of a Mandalay-based volunteer emergency rescue team.
“Half of the injured were shot with live rounds,” he told AFP.

The Silence from the Biden-Harris Regime is Deafening

Biden has yet to take to the podium regarding the escalating violence in Myanmar leaving many confounded by his lack of response. Even if a military intervention isn’t desirable, why not speak out like President Trump did about Hong Kong? Why be silent? The last statement from the Whitehouse is from over a week before the lethal hail of police gunfire in Mandalay but since then: nothing. The statement Feb. 11th said,

President Biden is taking significant steps in response to the military coup in Burma, and the unjust detention of President Win Myint, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and other civilian officials, as well as human rights defenders, journalists, and civil society leaders.”

The statement claims the Biden-Harris regime has “launched a new sanctions regime targeting the Burmese military and its leaders, as well as their business interests. The U.S. Department of the Treasury designated 10 individuals and three entities for their association with the military apparatus responsible for the coup.”

If the blood pooling in the Mandalay streets is any indication, the military junta currently crushing all dissent in the nation is completely unfazed by the timid American response to the coup.

To Be Silent, Signals Consent

Biden’s team also claimed “The United States’ close coordination with allies, partners, and like-minded institutions at every level has resulted in consistent and strong messages on the coup as an affront to the Burmese people.” A rough translation is that he’s sitting back and letting the UN and China drive. Indeed they even go on to say “President Biden has also spoken about Burma directly with leaders in the region, including Prime Minister Modi and President Xi.” In short, he’s waiting to see what China and India want to do, and so remains silent.

It would seem that Burmese internal affairs are different from Syrian internal affairs, in Myanmar there just doesn’t seem to be any money in it, even worse: it isn’t in Beijing’s interests for Biden to intervene, so he won’t. Video from Reuters (below) shows a large group of protestors fleeing from a police riot line in the Mandalay as the shots ring out.


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