How Biden Skirted Oversight to Help His Terrorist Friends

Congressional Republicans are outraged, and you better believe that President Trump would never have gotten away with anything like this. Unilaterally, and without consulting or even INFORMING the House Foreign Affairs Committee or Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Biden-Harris regime ordered the State and Treasury Departments to not only give in to Iran’s demands and drop sanctions against them. But they even EXPEDITED the orders, in a gross breach of Congressional oversight.

This is nearly as bad as dropping pallets of cash in the middle of the night! The White House and State Department are bending over backward in a demonstration of appeasement that would make British PM Neville Chamberlain and Pre-WWII US Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. blush. (And those two gave part of Czechoslovakia to Hitler!)

Ten GOP Members of Congress led by Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) are demanding answers to actions they say “undermine prior commitments made by Secretary Blinken and other State Department officials to not unilaterally ease pressure on the Iranian regime.”

According to a Statement from Congresswoman Tenney obtained by The GOP Times,

“The letter requests Secretary Blinken’s immediate response to several questions, including who ordered the delistings, why, and whether the actions were taken as part of ongoing talks with Iran. The letter also asks Secretary Blinken why he failed to inform members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the actions. Blinken testified before the Committee just days before the actions were announced but did not inform Members of the Committee, despite his repeated commitments to keeping Congress informed.”

GOP Demanding Oversight From Biden State Department

The letter from the ten Congress Members calls on Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to directly answer for his department’s actions which fly directly in the face of his previous testimony before Congress, potentially to the point of being in Contempt of Congress. They are demanding he answer,

“-First, why were committee Members not made aware in advance of these high-profile delistings of Iranian targets? Furthermore, why did you fail to inform either the House Foreign Affairs Committee or the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of this pending action when you testified before these committees on June 7 and June 8, respectively? 

-Second, did you personally approve of and support removing these targets from the Treasury’s list of specially designated nationals? If so, why?

-Third, given that Iran continues to support terrorism in the region, expand its nuclear program, and violate U.S. sanctions on exports of oil and petrochemicals, why have the Departments of State and the Treasury made the decision to prioritize the removal of Iranian sanctions violators over other competing priorities? Who instructed career civil servants in both Departments to pursue delisting these targets, and why?

-Finally, is the removal of these individuals and entities from the Treasury’s list of specially designated nationals linked in any way to ongoing talks with the Iranian regime? We remind you of past statements from your Department that the United States would not ease or lift sanctions prior to Iranian compliance with a new deal.”

It appears that Biden and his handlers were trying to sneak this in at the end of a news cycle as quickly and quietly as possible, giving Iran everything they demand in the vain hopes of avoiding another diplomatic emasculation on the world stage. Perhaps since the Democrats, the White House, and mainstream media think Biden handled Putin so expertly, he could convince the former KGB operative turned despot to entreat the mullahs and the Ayatollah on our behalf.

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