Democrat Whistleblower Unmasks for ALL to See

A Democrat whistleblower that worked in Jared Kushner’s COVID-19 task force has come forward and revealed his identity.

Member of Famous Family Comes Forward as a Whistleblower

The grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, Max Kennedy, Jr., went on record with the New Yorker that he is the whistleblower with the task force.

The 26-year-old volunteered for the task force that is regulated by President Trump’s son-in-law. The 26-year-old said that the response team was looking for young people who would work for free.


“I was torn, to some extent,” said Kennedy, a Democrat. “But it was such an unprecedented time. It didn’t seem political — it seemed larger than the administration.” 

Democrat Talks COVID

The Democrat claims he was asked to distort a COVID-19 pandemic model to downplay the expected result.

In April he acted as an anonymous whistleblower to Congress and just came forward with his identity.


After Kennedy left the Kushner forcer, he began to help 2020 Democratic campaigns. He also said that the volunteers had very little experience.

Task Force Director Denies Claim

Kennedy claims that one of the task force’s directors Brad Smith told him to downplay the model. However, Smith adamantly denies the allegations.

According to the whistleblower, he told Smith that he wouldn’t create the model because he didn’t “know the first thing about disease modeling.”

Another  allegation by the 26-year-old is that he believes the Trump administration brought on volunteers so that they would not have to rely on experts and “control the narrative.”

“It was the number of people who show up to an after-school event, not to run the greatest crisis in a hundred years,” Kennedy told The New Yorker.

“It was such a mismatch of personnel. It was one of the largest mobilization problems ever. It was so unbelievably colossal and gargantuan. The fact that they didn’t want to get any more people was so upsetting.”

Without any evidence to back his claims, the now known whistleblower seems to lack credibility. Also seeing that he is a Democrat and comes from a heavily Democratic family, one could wonder what his true motives are.

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  1. Sounds like a plant to me . But surprised they would take a democrat in their head quarters knowing their more then likely a spy .

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