China Claims Its Next Victim…Be Prepared

Now that Xi Jinping nailed down his third term as Supreme Leader of China, next on his agenda is Taiwan. He can’t invade his own country but “reunification” will seem a lot like an invasion when the bombs start falling. Whatever you want to call what’s coming, expect it by the end of this year, experts warn.

China targets Taiwan now

According to a fresh report in the New York Post, “China could invade Taiwan as early as this year.” Blinky Blinken and Lloyd Austin have it scheduled for sometime in 2027 but Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mike Gilday frantically disagrees.

He’s slapping them around, trying to wake them up to an imminent shooting war now, not later.

On Wednesday, October 19, Admiral Gilday told the Atlantic Council that he looked into his crystal ball and sees trouble. China, he notes, has a “20-year track record” of delivering “every promise they’ve made earlier than they said.” This won’t be any different. He thinks “the Communist country could try to take Taiwan by force any day now.” Call it a hunch.

It’s how the Chinese behave and what they do,” Gilday observes. “So when we talk about the 2027 window, in my mind, that has to be a 2022 window or potentially a 2023 window.

The 2027 date has been floating around the Pentagon a long time. They even have a name for it. Navy watchers call it the “Davidson window,” named “for retired Admiral Phil Davidson — who told Congress last year as the military’s Indo-Pacific Command chief that he expected China could invade Taiwan by 2027.

Xi Jinping was happy to reinforce that prediction by declaring 2027 a very special year. He promises “it will mark the end of what the country considers its ‘hundred years of humiliation.’

The hundred-year struggle

Just the other day, Xi underscored the later date by mentioning that “achieving the goal of a hundred-year struggle to build an army within the scheduled time frame and accelerate the transformation of the People’s Liberation Army of China is a strategic requirement for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist state.” Taiwan is only a tiny piece of that larger puzzle.

Speaking of puzzles, the Pooh Bear’s predecessor Hu Jintao was forcibly dragged from his seat at the Communist Party Congress today. Xi was sitting right next to him and pretending not to notice. At one point the Pooh Bear mouthed something to Hu that looks a lot like, “just go.”

Gilday insists that if we don’t prepare for war with China now, we’re going to get caught with our pants down. There have been a whole series of escalating events surrounding Taiwan recently. Russia’s war on Ukraine is only one factor in the equation.

Nancy Pelosi kicked over a bigger hornets nest than Joe Biden seems to realize. A “conflict with Beijing over Taiwan could happen anytime.

Gilday warns that “I can’t rule that out — I don’t mean at all to be alarmist by saying that. Combatant commanders have talked about different timeframes, but it’s a very real thing.” He’s in charge of the Navy and they are “preparing ourselves for a potential fight tonight.

China owns Taiwan and they warned Pelosi not to dangle democracy in front of them. She did it anyway. There will be consequences. Joe Biden tipped the balance on TV recently when he promised to come to Taiwan’s aid. He may have to put down his ice cream and push the big red button over his serious miscalculations. Once the nuclear torpedoes hit San Francisco, its all over for the human race.

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